Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two Things I Never Thought I'd Hear Matt Say In A Burger King

To Sam: "Your burger is hiding somewhere in this restaurant."
I have no explanation for why this happened but I will tell you Sam found it pretty quickly... once he realized his dad wasn't kidding.
To Sam: "Get your head out of the garbage can! We don't put our bodies in the garbage can!"
Sam had accidentally dropped the tray in while tossing the trash.
On a side note, we rarely eat a Burger King... it's purely coincidence that I have blogged about eating there twice now. Both times full of shenanigans.


The Hungry said...

So where did he find the hamburger? You guys are fun. I'd like to go to Burger King with you (anywhere with you...)

Becky said...

Mee too! We both said shenanigans in our posts today. Awesome!

Those are some crazy things to say in Burger King. Did Matt hide the burger? Have you heard the Vegetales song called "My Cheese Burger?" That's one of my favorites. It's right up there with "Where is my hair brush?" and "We're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything."

Miss you so much!

Julie J. said...

Matt set the hamburger on the top of the bench right behind me as he walked over to the table with the food. Then he sat down and handed out the food on the tray... Sam's food was missing. When he askedabout his food, Matt told him it was hiding and Sam didn't believe him at first but then got up and found it.

Becky, of course I have heard that song. Not only is it my anthem, but I've been in that drive thru situation many a time.
"Cheese Burger please do not be angryeeeeee. I guess I can wait until LUUUUUUNCH!"

Anonymous said...