Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conversations in Costco - Episode 1

It all started in Costco.

We were moving from the bakery section to the meat/deli department to pick up our weekly 2 lbs. block of cheddar, when I heard Matt say, "Go Tide." I didn't think we needed laundry soap so I turned and looked at him, but he wasn't talking to me. He was talking to a guy I've never seen before in a redish sweatshirt and hat both with an A on them. The guy smiled and waved at Matt and we kept walking. This is how our conversation proceeded:

JULIE: Do you know him?
Matt: NO, but he is wearing Alabama clothes and they will be playing later today.
J: What does 'Go Tide' mean?
M:The Alabama team is called The Crimson Tide
J: Oh, that's unfortunate, it sounds like something I'd call my monthly visitor." (AKA: Aunt Flo, Uncle Cramps and their annoying dog Spot - if you catch my drift)(Yes, I just went there.)
M: Uh, ok.

Later in the day as Matt checked the scores:
M:The Crimson Tide won.
J: The Crimson Tide ALWAYS wins.
M: When the Crimson Tide is involved, there are no winners.