Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funk Free...?

I'm in a funk. And I can see the end in sight, thus the ability to admit to said funk. I get a bit Funk-y from time to time and I've found that for me, feeling the funk and embracing the funk helps the funk pass... eventually. But, I'm not very nice while I'm in a funk. Just ask Matt.... And Sam... And anyone else who has crossed me in the last month or so. It's time for this funk to be on it's way.
My sister, Becky, decided today that she is going to blog EVERYDAY for the month of December. It's a great idea and I'm looking forward to visiting her blog daily. You all know how much I love her and her little Parlayna and her pirate husband Natey Poo.
So,I'm taking on the challenge of blogging EVERYDAY in the month of December. I'm thinking it will get my mind off the lingering funk and I'll be chipper and carefree in time to enjoy the Christmas Festivities with my fabulous family. (Have I EVER been chipper and carefree?)
I'm going to need your help though, my dear sweet readership. WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY BLOG ABOUT EVERYDAY FOR 30 MORE DAYS?!!! Give me your requests. What have you always wondered about me? What has been your favorite post and would you like another like it ?(I'll try.) What have you heard about me through the grapevine and have always wondered if it was true? Ask me my opinion on something - anything! I'm very opinionated and happy to share my opinion. But, I am begging for your help. I'm sure you won't let me down.


The Hungry said...

how about the white house party crashers? or real trees vs fake trees? favorite food of all time, or holiday food of all time, or dessert of all time - and why you love it so much? silliest Christmas memory? favorite Christmas song and why? favorite Christmas story? what Sam wants for Christmas? What Matt wants for Christmas? What you want for Christmas? Christmas traditions? goals for 2010? more what the heck stories? first date with Matt? actually, I guess you have posted that before - how about best date with Matt? What went on at your house during the recent BYU vs UofU game? what church calling is your favorite? What books are you hoping to read in 2010? what are you doing for new years?

How's that for starts?

Anonymous said...

Man, Aunt Kathy hit some great topics....I particularly like the real trees vs fake ones. I'm in that funk right now, I have a fake tree and love it (blessed to have anything), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE real trees. The smells, the fullness, the mess it leaves. Ah, Christmas. I'll let you start with those previously commented topics.

Becky said...

I could tell you were in a funk. But, I didn't get offended. Don't worry.

Kathy has A LOT of great suggestions! I might steal some for my 30 more days of blogging.

Lets see...I LOVE pictures!!! Of you, of Sam, of Matt, of other family members, etc. I love hearing you opinion, especially because usually you can't be swayed, you have good reasons for your opinions. I'm easily swayed as you know. You are like a north star to me. Thanks for being my sista! I can't wait to read all your posts this month! I'm so glad you're doing it!

KordelandHeather said...

I have this problem, I always hurry to clean up right before someone is coming over and I usually just carry everything into my bedroom to hide it? Have this problem? Where do you hide it?

Sandy said...

You have been sick. That speaks alot to the funk. Just get better. Get bundled up and walk around the block. IT does wonders to get your blood moving. I think a walk cures everything.
Love MOM

Meg said...

I love anything you write. You are so funny.

You also have lots of great recipes - you could share some of those on days you don't know what to write.

I also would love to hear about all the books you read.

Jules said...

I had a friend who did a post a day on things she was grateful for. She thought of some funky things, not just the usual family stuff. One of her posts was all about how grateful she is for a garage, I've thought that a lot myself. Anyway it's just a thought if you get stuck. I would also love a list of your favorite books maybe a top 30 or something like that. I also loved your Christmas post from last year when you showed your house all decorated. Everyone loves recipes, and pictures. Also some top ten lists would be fun, you could get really creative with those. I may follow your lead, but I think I'll wait till January when life seems to calm down. Good luck getting out of the funk, I'm in a bit of one myself, so I understand how you feel.

Amy E. said...

I'm excited to read your blog every day!

Anonymous said...