Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finger Nails

Do you have aspirations for your finger nails? Sure, we all do.
As a child I bit my nails down to the quick. When I was 9 ish I decided I wanted beautiful hands like my best friend, Stacy Polkowske. We had matching MaryLou Retton sweat suits so I thought for sure our nails should match too. So I put my self restraint to the test and stopped biting my nails.
It turns out I can grow some seriously thick and long nails. But let's face it people, length does not a beautiful nail make. (Which reminds me of a nanny from Jamaica I knew while in New York. Her big toe nails were 1.5 cm longer than her toes. She painted them bright red. NOT BEAUTIFUL! And, all she could wear were flip flops even in the winter or else her "pedicure" would be ruined. EWW!) My nails have grown since. But not in the sense that I'm going for the Guinness Book. The most maintenance I give them is to try to keep them all the same length, but they aren't any particular shape or color. I only use clippers, no files... Filing is too much like nails on the chalk board for me.
And let's talk polish for a moment. I like color and I've seen so many colors on other people that I would love to try but I don't have the guts. At the beginning of the summer I decided that I was going to have toes of color. I sported four different colors this summer and painted 5 different times. That's pretty good for this low maintenance girl. My problems with polish are
1.) It has to be maintained.
2.) I feel like my nails can NOT breathe when polished.
3.) If it's on my toes I have a hard time sleeping because my toenails can't breathe.
4.) If it's on my fingernails I usually end up picking it off. LAME.
I have a fingernail role model. Her name is Giada De Laurentiis and she is on the Food Network.
She's a chef. I've never tried any of her recipes because I believe In the old adage, "Never trust a skinny cook." But she has beautiful nails. Here's Giada.
Ok, it's just her blurry hand. It was the only non moving picture I could find of her with her hand in the pic. She was wearing her swimsuit in the picture so I cropped it down to just her hand and enlarged it. My blog is not ready for that much cleave and probably never will be. But aren't those blurry nails beautiful. They're like... white and stuff. I love the length and subtle color. I want nails like Giada!

P.S. Read the post below and help me out! And thanks to those who already have, great ideas, I can't wait to post about them.


The Hungry said...

I had a nail biting problem until I was in middle school There was this fancy nail care system put out by a cosmetic company called Jovan (I think I have that right) you'd "file" the face of the nail - take the ridges off - then put cream on the nail, and then buff the nail and it made them lovely and shiny. My dad challenged me to stop biting for a month and if I did - he'd get me the jovan nail care kit. I did it, and I loved the kit.

Anonymous said...

Giada has the BEST mac and cheese recipe. It's a fav in our house. In response to the should get some guts and paint your nails a color. I don't mean the color the Giada's nails are in that picture...I mean when I'm down for New Years, we should paint them maroon or red or black. Ok, maybe not black, but you get the point.

Becky said...

Oh! My! Gosh! I envy peoples hands all the time but, strangely it has nothing to do with their nail polish. I like hands with short nails (I do like Giada's thanks for introducing us, Never seen FoodNetwork). I like strong looking hands...hands that look like they work HARD!!!! A good example Jennifer Garner. I like her hands and if there were exercizes or creams to get my hands to look like hers...I'd do it. But not surgery. Just to clarify.

I like short sensible nails. Nails I can type with the tips of my fingers and not have the nails touch the keys. If my nails get longer then an 1/8 of an inch, it drives me a little crazy. But, sometimes I do let them stay an 1/8 of an inch to let my hands be and feel pretty for a couple of days.

On hands I like red polishes and (dare I say) black polish. But like you, it's hard to maintain. Me low maintainence too.

I like polish on my toes. I like reds on toes.

Amy E. said...

How funny you should blog about your fingernails--especially considering I noticed them last night at dinner and thought they look very nice. I got home and looked at mine and wished they looked like yours!

Anonymous said...