Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sixth Grade (sigh) and a Shiner

 It's true. Sam is in sixth grade and this is his last year in elementary school. And yes, I cried at the school open house. I am a  freak, what can I say. My baby is growing up.
 We were reading the note we got from his teacher at the open house, which explained some of the things he would be learning about this year, such as astronomy, fungi, reflection, refraction, etc. He looked at me and said, "We didn't learn anything like that in any other grade. It's like every other year we got little bombs of knowledge and this year is the atom bomb of knowledge." He then made a large explosion sound with hand motions. I think he's ready for the impact of this knowledge atom bomb. My baby is growing up.
 However, I do not think he is ready to dress himself. I did not pick this outfit for him. Striped shirt and plaid shorts?... Both nice items of clothing... on their own... but maybe not together? I could be wrong, I'm not very hip and I really don't have any style. But if it were me choosing, I probably would have paired the striped shirt with a solid colored pair of shorts or jeans, and the shorts maybe with a solid shirt or printed T?
Sam didn't get any new school clothes this year. On Saturday morning Matt told Sam to get ready to go, they were going to get him some new clothes. Sam shrieked, "I have enough clothes! I don't need anymore clothes!I don't want to go shopping! I am not going shopping!" Matt and I looked at each other and shrugged. Then I told Matt to pick up some underwear for Sam while he was at Wal Nast. My baby now wears Man Underwear... My baby is growing up.
 I other news, Lola's got a Shiner. And she needs her bangs cut.
 We were at an open house on Sunday for our aunt who is leaving on a mission. So it was an unfamiliar backyard to Lola. She found a wiffle ball and was running after it as it rolled. Running. Looking down at the rolling ball. And she slammed right into a patio table with her cheek. She kind of bounced off and clattered into a patio chair.
 She cried. But only for about one minute. She was comforted by her cousin, her daddy and her mom, all in one minute. Then she went about her business. Five minutes later we noticed a big goose egg on her face that looked kinda blue. I tried to put ice on it but she wasn't having any of that. As she yanked her face away from me I noticed that her neck was bleeding. I should have know she was truly hurt because she rarely cries when she falls or pinches or bumps her body in any way.
 Earlier that day, before the open house I noticed a little blister on her lip. On Monday she woke with a big red scab on her lip where the blister was. Our little lady is looking rough.
But still pretty cute.