Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

This is how I'm spending my 33rd birthday. I got way behind on my laundry washing and folding this week because I really just wanted to spend my time with my sister, Becky, who decided that moving to Michigan on my birthday would be a good present.

So, while I fold I have my road atlas, which I received free from my best friends at State Farm, open and I'm following them across the map as they call me and give me updates.

And I'm eating double dipped chocolate peanuts. YUM! I like to tell Sam they are deer poops so he won't want to eat any... It doesn't work. And of course, I'm hanging out with cute little Lola.
The sicky-poo is feeling much better.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poor Babykins

Little Lola was in the Hospital with Upper Lobe Pneumonia in her right lung. Poor little thing might also have RSV. We're still waiting on those results. I love the picture above because she looks so surprised, as we were by how quickly this came on.

Last Friday, Sam mentioned he didn't feel too well. But he wanted to go to school. I told him to call me if he couldn't make it through. He made it, seemed fine on Saturday, and on Sunday he said he couldn't breath. On Monday I took him in to the doctor where it was determined he had a virus. We were sent home with a prescription for albuterol syrup, which Sam says works well.

On Tuesday, Lola coughed twice in the morning. Sam went to school. We had a great day. Late that afternoon she started coughing a lot, which started to cause her to gag, which caused her to throw up most of what she was eating. I also started to be able to hear the congestion in her nose. When this was still going on at 5:30 I called and got her an appointment at the doctor's office and took her in. They checked her Oxygen saturation levels which was 99, or perfect. They also looked in her ears, nose and throat. They told me to start feeding her less at a time, but more often to avoid the throwing up and dehydration. They told me it's most likely a virus and that if I saw labored breathing or if she was having a hard time nursing to bring her back in.
We went from there to Pack meeting, she slept through it and continued to sleep when we got home until midnight when I woke her to feed her. Then I slept her in a bouncy seat so she would be upright. I had noticed that she didn't gag when upright. She woke twice in the night, ate, and went right back to sleep.

Wednesday morning, I could hear a little congestion, but she seemed fine. Around 11a.m. Sam called to tell me he couldn't breath and could I please bring his medicine. Yeah, he sounds like a junky. It hadn't been long enough since his last dose so I picked him up so he could come home and rest. Ha ha. Anyone who knows Sam knows how unlikely that is.
Around 2:30 Lola was cooing and smiling at Sam. About an hour later she was hollering really loud. It wasn't a cry, she didn't seem sad. And there were no tears. I think she is not accustom to breathing out of her mouth and since her nose was stuffed up the holler was doing the trick and making her feel like she was getting air.
Shortly after that she was having a hard time nursing, pulling off every few seconds to try to breath, and when she was done, she threw it up. I noticed her little belly and chest pumping hard to try to breath. So, it was back to the doctor's office. Her oxygen saturation was down to 87. They could see she was breathing super hard so they sent us over to the hospital where they took some X-rays of her lungs and admitted her to pediatrics.
They are took such good care of her. She had oxygen in her nose, an IV, for fluids and her antibiotic, and on her left foot there was a little sensor to measure her Oxygen Saturation. And she had some stickers on her chest to monitor heart rate and breaths per minute. There were several albuterol breathing treatments with a nebulizer. At first they said she'd need to stay three to five days. When the doctor came in today he liked her improvement and said we might be able to go home today or tomorrow. Shortly after, the nurse came in to turn down her IV and turn off the oxygen to see how she would do without it. She did great so we were sent home about an hour ago with a prescription for an antibiotic and an anytime, standing order to go to the respiratory clinic for suctioning or albuterol.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Lola at 3 months.

Lola is 3 months old, already!
Sam is nine and he looks like a lady charmer in this picture. Look at them watch him.

Babykin likes to sit in her pink seat.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Babykins Pooped in her bath today. Yes, that is Pooped with a capital P. And when it was all said and done, she looked a lot like I felt.

So when I got her dressed today, I made sure she looked extra pretty...
It made us both feel much better.