Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ziggurat

Sam came home and told us he had to make a Ziggurat. Matt said, "Why would your teacher want you to make a cigarette?" 
"NO, a Ziggurat."
"Cigarettes are not good for you, don't smoke, say 'no' to drugs."
For those of you, like us, who have never heard of a Ziggurat this is what they look like:
Image found here.
And here is a link for info. I had to look on Wikipedia for info because Sam came home with none... He couldn't tell me one thing about them, what they are used for, where they were built and when, etc. I'm sure his teacher was teaching him this stuff, it just wasn't in his brain enough to tell me about it... What ever.

So, he decided to make it out of sugar cubes... Um, how do you make sugar cubes stick together? We started with regular old Elmer glue but then we decided that would take too long to dry and I was suspecting that the sugar was dissolving. So then, I got on Google and found something that said the best way is with glue sticks. It's a good thing I had some because we went through at least 10 tubes probably more.

What a mess. I can officially say, we will never use sugar cubes for a project again. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate school projects?

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bed Time BaBa

Our Lola, who is 22 months now, still drinks out of her baba like a little booze hound... If you substitute booze for milk anyway. She has one bottle that is taller and holds more than the others. We call it her Baby Big Gulp. Back in early April I was toying with the idea of weaning her off, then I lost my baby and so Lola now has the responsibility to continue to be my babykins, so I kept her on the baba. She is such a good babykins. 
She and Matt have a bed time routine that is really effective, efficient and it's just so freakin' cute to see this little tiny girl and her daddy go through the routine. It starts after dinner. She starts it by saying she wants to get out of her high chair. What you need to know is that Lola eats in the nude. She is such a messy eater. She has no reservations when it comes to spitting food out of her mouth. But, she refuses to wear a bib. So, in the best interest of her clothes, she doesn't wear them while she eats meals. Therefore, she goes straight from the dinner table, into the bath. She like the bath. As soon as she's out she gets dried off on her changing table, and without fail, she yawns within one minute of being put on her changing table. She gets her jammies on, she gets her hair and teeth brushed, then they read books. 
Lola LOVES Good Night Gorilla. It's her favorite. They read it every night.
Lola almost always has a baba right before bed. She drinks a little during the books but she drinks most of it after books while the lights are off and her dad cradles her. When I put her to bed, I sing to her while she drinks her baba. Lola LOVES to be sung to. When the baba is gone she is ready to be put in her bed. She is so easy. 
One night back in June I went to the kitchen to make dinner and when I opened the refrigerator I found this:

Apparently Sam has caught on to the bed time routine as well. As I went through the rest of making dinner I stumbled upon another note in the bottle cupboard.

Such a helpful boy.
 We later found out that he was being helpful in an effort to sway us into getting him a Slurpee at the Sev. Such a sly and conniving boy.