Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ziggurat

Sam came home and told us he had to make a Ziggurat. Matt said, "Why would your teacher want you to make a cigarette?" 
"NO, a Ziggurat."
"Cigarettes are not good for you, don't smoke, say 'no' to drugs."
For those of you, like us, who have never heard of a Ziggurat this is what they look like:
Image found here.
And here is a link for info. I had to look on Wikipedia for info because Sam came home with none... He couldn't tell me one thing about them, what they are used for, where they were built and when, etc. I'm sure his teacher was teaching him this stuff, it just wasn't in his brain enough to tell me about it... What ever.

So, he decided to make it out of sugar cubes... Um, how do you make sugar cubes stick together? We started with regular old Elmer glue but then we decided that would take too long to dry and I was suspecting that the sugar was dissolving. So then, I got on Google and found something that said the best way is with glue sticks. It's a good thing I had some because we went through at least 10 tubes probably more.

What a mess. I can officially say, we will never use sugar cubes for a project again. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate school projects?


Becky said...

Sam is so hilarious! Did he lick his finger tips when he was done? Eeeewwww.

So you're sayin' you love sugar cubes about as much as you love glitter?

Shauna said...

This is so funny. Wow, that is one serious project for sure. Very well done. All school projects are not created equal that's for sure, some are a big pain. I love the end result though- it looks great,