Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Come in from the cold!

I'm so glad you're here. I've been watching for you all day. It really is cold out there. This morning I found Sam getting ready to go to school. He had an old coat on that I suspect he was going to put his new coat over and under that he had five sweat shirts on. Plus his snow pants. He reminded me of Randy from A Christmas Story.
Do you like how I display my Christmas Cards here on the closet door. I like it because it makes me feel like I have my sweet friends around me for the holidays. Last year the door was full and I'm hoping to see that way again this year.

Here is a close up of Sam's Christmas art work, which I also hung on the door. Can you tell what is says? He spelled Hallelujah, exactly how he pronounces it. I asked him why he drew a chick, because it's more of an Easter thing to draw rather than Christmas.... He informed me it's a penguin. Please come in and sit down. By now I'm sure you have noticed the heavenly sound of "Messiah" playing quietly in the background.Please, don't mind the sleeping children. Or the laundry waiting to be folded hiding behind the couch. Do you like our tree? It's the first time we haven't had a real tree since we've been married. We were feeling too poor to buy a real one this year. Matt's parents were kind enough to loan this artificial one to us. Notice there is no star on top. It broke last year. It's a iron star that is welded to it's base (the part that holds it onto the tree). Last year I hot glued it back together and it lasted about 2 hours and then we just propped it up. Apparently hot glue doesn't work on metal. We decided to skip the star topper this year.
Step closer so I can show you some of my favorite ornaments. This one is a snow baby that was given to me by my sister, Liz. And a Santa painted on a tongue depressor by my friend Maria, who shared her sweet baby Zachary with me.

This is another Santa painted by Maria.

This is a sparkly egg that I made one year to give to family members. I made it from a real egg.
Of course I have a Gryffindor Ornament... Did you doubt me?

This is where we hang our stockings because we don't have a fireplace, therefore we don't have a mantle.
Here is my Reindeer collection. I didn't know I was collecting them but they are here so I must be. The tall wooden one we inherited from Grandma Bea, Matt bought the middle one for me the first Christmas after we were married. He bought it from a gift wrap fundraiser some one's kid was doing at work. When his paw is squeezed gentle Christmas music tinkles in the air. And I don't recall where the little one came from but he is by far the most annoying. He sings Jingle Bells and has a Latin accent and a bit of a smokers rasp. The rule is you only get to turn him on once a day. He also jiggles back and forth in a little bit of a dance. Now that I'm looking and actually thinking about these, I'm pretty sure the middle one is a moose.
Emmy Lou and I have been baking fools. (I watch her and her baby brother during the day)
Would you like to frost some sugar cookies with us?
Would you like some homemade bread and hot cocoa? I have already warmed the water.... I promise the water didn't come from yellow snow.
Come get comfortable in the dining room.
This is my beautiful Nativity that my Aunt Nancy gave me one year. I think I was still in high school. I love having it out. It is a beautiful reminder of what the Christmas Season is all about. Here at our home, we love the Savior and his atoning sacrifice. We are grateful for his loving example, and we enjoy this special time of year when we get to think of him and worship him more often through thought and music, and remember the hope he brings to our lives.
We also hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

Love, THE

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Real 100th Post: Also very special.

So I did the math and according to my archive on the side bar I only had 99 posts. I went to the edit posts page and sure enough there was an empty draft from way back in Nov. 2007. I deleted it and now my dashboard and archive match up.

On to the good stuff - Did I say good? I meant GREAT! Today on my way home from picking up Sam from school there was a ding from my dashboard alerting me to the fact that my gas tank was on empty. I went straight to the gas station. I got the nozzle into the tank and started the fill. Then I got busy washing my window. I got a little distracted... and freaked out when I realized I wasn't watching the pump. You see, I have been on strict orders from my accountant - aka Matt - Not to go over $25 while gassing up. All summer $25 got me about half a tank and I could make it last about two weeks. So I hightailed it over to the pump and imagine my surprise when I found that, not only was my tank full, but the total was $20.11!!!!! I put in over 12 gallons and that was the total! I wanted to jump up and down and shout like I'd just won the lottery. WHAT A HAPPY DAY!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Very Special 100th Post

1)Select your favorite puppets. We prefer Star Wars.

2) Place puppets on the appendage of your choice. We prefer toes.

3) Let the action ensue. We prefer battles, but we're kind of locked into to that with our puppet choice.

4) Be sure to battle quietly to protect your sore throat and your mom's ears. She doesn't want to hear light saber noises all day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My bribing days are just beginning.

Notice how far away the barbie is.... He won't touch it, but her van is like a giant transformer.

So much for a video.

I have tried several times to download a video for your viewing enjoyment. Everytime it takes like three hours to upload the video and after I patiently wait, all I get is an error message with a button to contact support that leads me no where. If there are any suggestions out there, send them my way.

On another note, Sam has been asking for me to bring him food to his bed. At first I didn't get it and then he said, "French Toast, on a cookie sheet, with a cup of water." I finally figured out he wanted Breakfast in bed. The main problem with this is that he wakes up too early. He is usually up by 6:30, sometimes earlier. He doesn't have to be to school until 9, so it is kind of frustrating to a mom who loves to sleep. I don't wake up until 7:30 when Matt FORCES me out of bed for family prayer. So there was a problem with his little wish.

On Friday night he brought it up again so I told him that if he stayed in bed until after I woke up, then I would bring him breakfast in bed. It was 11pm so I was hoping that this would work, but I wasn't counting on it. It has never helped to put him to bed later, he doesn't sleep later.

Saturday morning dawned and the house was super quiet. I snuck downstairs and made french toast and put it in a bowl so the syrup wouldn't spill into his bed and then I took it up to him on a cookie sheet with a cup of water. It was fun and he was totally happy.