Monday, December 1, 2008

My bribing days are just beginning.

Notice how far away the barbie is.... He won't touch it, but her van is like a giant transformer.


Reno Wells said...

Austin has gotten more use out of the Barbie cars than any of the girls ever have. The yellow VW Beetle car is the transport for all the small cars and some PowerRangers.

Becky said...

Whose is that? His?

Emily said...

I was starting to get worried about my little sean who was playing barbies with his friend emma over thanksgiving weekend.... then i decided to eavesdrop... this is what i heard,

emma: "hurry sean, barbie needs help"

sean (from the top bunk): "okay here come the paratroopers, their packs are loaded and they're ready to jump!"

I wasn't so worried anymore!

Jeanna said...

That is super funny! I agree, that big pink barge is like a major transformer.

Anonymous said...