Monday, December 28, 2009

The Newspaper...

I went to a couponing class. I have great plans to save tons of monies. But so far, I'm losing monies. I got a subscription to receive three Sunday newspapers. All for the coupons. Then I'll use a website that will match sale prices with the coupons and I'll get good deals. I have been charged for December. I have received my papers one Sunday so far. And actually, on that Sunday I got four papers instead of three. On Monday morning I busted those babies out of their bags to find tons and tons of fliers all about Christmas sales, but no coupons. You see, the papers don't want to pay people over time or holiday pay to stuff the coupons into the papers, so no coupons on holiday weekends. Since most of December is a holiday weekend, I'm out of luck.

So, can I tell you how excited I am to help Sam's school earn monies. There is a dumpster at Sam's school for recycling paper. The dumpster is weighed and the school is paid by the pound for the recycling. I'll now be doing my part. Here is my stack of recycling, after one Sunday.

That's a good six inches high and I'd say at least 6 pounds. So I guess some good is already coming from my subscription.

Oh, and I read the paper. I've never really read and newspaper before. I've read newspaper articles - online. And of course I've read the Funnies... Is that what they are called? Should I say Comics? Anyhoo, I have found all kinds of good stuff in this paper. Stuff I had no idea about.

Did you know there is a Celebrations section? This week there were three announcements in this section. A dude turning 90, a dude getting a mission call (including the dates he enters the MTC, and when his sacrament meeting talk will be and where) and one dudette returning from her mission.

Weird.... Only in Utah. I get the birthday one, but missions? Really? I'll be keeping my eye on this section. I wonder what it's like in other cities/states. I've heard of wedding and engagement announcements, but missions?

Did you know they post movie theatre schedules as well as TV guide? I had no idea.

I am obsessed with the obituaries. I really enjoyed reading about people's lives and I find the details their families choose to share about them interesting... I just wish they would say how each of them died. Is that morbid? I feel bad for wondering but I find myself really wanting to know, especially the young ones.

I also read an article about a Polar Bear Swim that was going on in Deer Creek Reservoir to raise money for needy families. They got 50 people to sign up for and only 4 showed up. Those 4 were crazy! The article didn't mention if the other 46 gave the money up anyway, so I was left hanging.

Do you read the pape? (That's what they call the newspaper in NEWSIES... [singing]NOW IS THE TIME TO SEIZE THE DAY!)


Anonymous said...

I would love to read the paper, but I'm pretty sure that the only thing circulating around here is that Rexburg...something or rather. I use CNN, although I rarely, if ever, find news on stuff in Idaho.

Melissa Bond said...

I read the newspaper everyday on my lunch at work, and the first section I go for is the obituaries! I love it, its like a year book of their life. I like to look for LDS services (rare around here) and for people I know.

Totally not morbid.

The Hungry said...

Didn't Sister Hinckley read several papers a day?

Nathan said...

Nathan got me hooked on reading the paper. We got it everyday the first year we were married. We just started getting it again this fall, but just Wednesday and Sunday, for the ads and the coupons. I hardly ever have time to read it now. I do love the local announcements. One time there was a totally hilarious one. I thought about sending it to you but, I felt bad because it was serious to the woman it was about. I wish I had saved it. They announce everything here...each week there are TONS of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and engagements. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the funny hick ones...and send them to you! They are so funny!

Anonymous said...


Heather said...

The Celebrations section of my hometown paper is all announcements of who graduated from Basic Training/Boot Camp and IT School. That's what kids do there...join the military.

I hope I'm not being creepy, but I'm really enjoying your blog. If you don't mind too much, I'm going to keep reading...