Saturday, December 19, 2009

We are turning into the Three Bears...

We ate porridge for our din dins Thursday night.
Papa Bear likes brown sugar in his.
Mama Bear likes honey in hers.
Baby Bear wanted both, but settled for brown sugar when Mama Bear said one or the other.
Ok, well, it was really cream of wheat. Is there a difference?
We ate it in an effort to save up some funds...
We were thinking of our cousin Arthur at the time...
He's our favorite Mall Rat.
There was no Goldilocks to share with,
but, once again,
last night our LOVER
was sneaking around outside
and left us another goodie.
Here is the update on the 12 Days Of Christmas:
1st - Christmas boxes for wrapping
2nd - Christmas-y paper towels
3rd - a pack of glittery tissue paper
4th - a big bag of m&m's
5th - a large bag of bows
6th - a brownie mix (Papa Bear's favorite, so far).
To whoever is doing this for us:
Thank you so much.
It has been so fun.
We have tried to catch you,
But you move faster than we do.
We love you too!


Becky said...


Anonymous said...

I wish I could say it was us!! That sounds like fun.

Jules said...

I need to remember that. It's a cute way of doing it. You are blessed with people who love you.

Becky said...

If I can I always return to your posts a least a couple times a day. Today I thought I would leave ANOTHER comment (comments really are fun, lets be honest).

I have no idea what porriage really is, but cream of wheat is pretty much what I've always pictures.

The Hungry said...

We love Cream of Wheat here. Yummy.

Anonymous said...