Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Son - The Good Sport

This week Sam was invited to two birthday parties. Both were for girls.

The first was for our neighbor who was turning 12. I thought it was kind of strange that Sam got invited but then I found out he was invited to the party so her brother, who is 7, wouldn't have to be the only boy. They were going to a skating rink, so Sam was really excited. He came home with this beauty:
The second party was for our friend/sister-during-the-day. She'll be 5 this week and what kind of party do all the 5 year old girls want? A PRINCESS PARTY! So, here is a picture of Prince Sam of Penny Lane with his princess/friend/sister-during-the-day.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I think every brother-of-the-birthday-girl needs a Sam. Someone who will stand guard while all the little girls go crazy over, who was it, oh yes, Edward and Bella.

Becky said...

Too Cute! Sam looks so noble! And he scored a Edward and Bella cup...what a cool kid!

The Hungry said...

He is a good guy. The world needs good guys like Sam!

Anonymous said...