Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sleeping Habits of An Eight Year Old

One night last week, Sam was watching TV and all of a sudden he asked me to take pictures of him, because he was so cozy. I wasn't sure how that warranted a photo shoot but I got the camera out and the posing ensued. Note to reader: He is NOT asleep in this picture.

Or this one.

Or this one... Obviously.
Later that night, around 10pm, Matt came downstairs and said, "Julie, You have got to go look at your son." I said, "Just a minute." Because I was about the important business of programming the upstairs phone to match the downstairs phone so that they both had all the same numbers in them. Matt said, "He may not have a minute." So I went upstairs to see this:

He is, in fact, asleep in this picture. And yes, his head is inside his pillowcase. What he was doing before he fell asleep, we don't know. But of course we had to take pictures. And I found that once I started snapping the pics I couldn't stop.

He was a bit startled when Matt pulled the pillow off his head. But he never woke up.

Not awake.

Not awake.

Not awake.

Not awake.

Still, not awake.

Not awake.


Nuh-uh. Still not awake. He never woke up. And the really funny part, that I didn't get a picture of, was Matt and I cracking up. It was so funny. It's always funny to mess with a sleeping kid who is too out of it to wake up. He didn't remember a thing in the morning, and he didn't believe me until he saw the pictures. And watching him look at the pictures was funny too.

I love being a mom.


Becky said...

TOO HILARIOUS! He is so funny! Cozy and then CRAZY! I called Marley over so she could see all those pictures of Sam and everyone that he is cozy in his bed NOT awake she said, "Bay-bee! Bay-bee! Bay-bee!" I kept saying, "No, that's Sam." She kept saying, "Bay-bee!" The Bee part is high pitched...just so you know. It's cute.

The Hungry said...

It will be a wonder if he ever goes to sleep again... ;-)

I used to sleep with a silky quilt over my head - something I picked up when I was sick once - I think I was in middle school - it started with a silky quilted bathrobe...

Jeanna said...

I can picture the two of you busting a gut in the backgroun and it makes me smile.

Sam looks like a baby in some of those innocent! :)

Michelle said...

SO funny!

Anonymous said...