Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Festivities started on Thursday night when Sam required a hair cut to serve his costume purposes. Plus, he was getting pretty shaggy. It was fooshnicken cold outside so I snapped three quick pics and then busted back inside and commenced to take pictures through the blinds from the warmth of the house.

They were cold and not very amused.

Sam chose to be Aang from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Aang IS the last air bender so we thought this costume was really fitting for our little Farty Marty. Plus, Sam totally looks like this character. Compare and Contrast:

On Friday afternoon Sam's school had their annual costume parade. It got off to a really late start. And the most irritating woman ever sat next to me. Well, she actually sat on me. I immediately moved my chair a good two feet away from her and she still managed to touch me fifty or so more times. Then when the parade started she stood up and stepped all the way forward and lean on the back of the lady in front of her. She blocked my view, unless I stood up too and blocked the view of the guy next to me. And the poor lady she was leaning on was bugged! But a good time was had by all. A lot of really creative costumes showed up this year. And the kids were happy to show them off. Yeah, that's her in the right of my shot.

On Friday night we went to a rockin' party for Matt's sister Jeanna who's birthday is on Halloween. It was fun and we got to see several family members from out of town. On Saturday, Halloween, we went to the annual Trunk or Treat at Grandma Alger's ward. We saw several familiar faces there.
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At the party a guy was dressed in the scariest costume ever. Creepy guy was just sitting on the stage when Sam noticed him. Sam went up to the stage and sat about five feet from Creepy guy, then slowly moved closer until he was right next to him. I think Sam was having his own little personal fear factor. I had to take a picture so that when the nightmares stop we can bust out this picture and remind him. Sam was a little reluctant to let Creepy guy put his arm around him for the picture, thus the lean.


Becky said...

AWE-SOME! Cute costume Sammy! Ahhh, I miss the annual Trunk or Treat at Grandma Alger's. Mostly I like the FOOD!

Nice pictures through the blinds you weirdo!

Jeanna said...

Sam looked perfect! Since I'm not an Avatar guru, I had no idea, but once you see those pics, he was a perfect fit!

Creepy guy freaks me out! (I love how you called it Sam's personal fear factor, that is hilarious)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Looks like lots and lots of fun was had by all! Sam really does look like that Avatar character HMMMM! I thought scary masks and stuff like that were not allowed at Church Halloween parties. He really was CREEPY

Anonymous said...