Monday, November 16, 2009

House Guests

We had a darling little house guest, and her brother come to stay for 10 days.

It was so much fun for our baby hungry family to have her around. And here's a cute picture of her bro.
On the morning I put this cute little outfit on her Sam walked by, saw her, gasped and said, "Oh, all she needs is a little purse." I nearly died laughing.

She is such a good baby. She slept through the night most of the time and she rarely cried. She even tried to fold the laundry for me but I told her no because after all she is the guest.

She's been gone for three days now and we are still catching whiffs of her sweet smell through out the house. We miss her.


The Hungry said...

What a good friend that you'd watch them for 10 days. Wow.

Jeanna said...

She's a beauty. I need one.

Julie J. said...

I got paid to watch them, so I wasn't as good as you might think.

Jules said...

I can't imagine leaving my kids for that long. Of course if I had someone as awesome as you to watch them maybe I would. Everyone except my baby that is, I have issues leaving her for even a short time, but that's just me.

Julie J. said...

They saw their mom every other day so it wasn't like they were AWAY from her for a really long timee.

Becky said...

Dude! She is SO cute! And quit being are a saint!

Sam is looking so mature!

I love you. And miss you.

Anonymous said...