Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After the Pack Meeting

After pack meeting we went to Burger King ( not the place I would have chosen) for din dins. While there Sam got super giddy, went crazy with his Oreo shake and ended up with a shake goatee.... To see an adorable goatee click here.
Why would an Oreo shake make such a sweet cub scout go crazy? It's because the straw they give with the shake is Ginormous!!! Observe - Normal straw on the left, Ginormous straw on the right.
We couldn't believe our eyes. The straw is huge so that the Oreo chunks have a harder time getting stuck in it; therefore, leaving the consumer much less frustrated and way more satisfied, or crazy giddy depending on the consumer. That's what I call YOUR WAY RIGHT AWAY TECHNOLOGY. At least that's what is said on the straws wrapper.

Did I say straw? My bad, I meant BK Pipe. That's what it's called. I have proof.

Matt got jealous of our BK Pipes and went and asked for one for his soda.
All in all it was an amazing night.


KordelandHeather said...

No, you did NOT see Shane child? move? before 11 months? not possible! By the way, thanks for making me CRAVE a yummy shake....I want a Pipe straw...

Jeanna said...

I DIG big straws....I MUST go to BK just to enjoy a shake with a huge bad....pipe!

I have always adored McD's for giving larger caliber straws. I would imagine even sucking down a nice cold soft drink would become liquid caloric nirvana with a pipe like that. Nice!

Anonymous said...