Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Little Cub Scout

Along with turning eight comes cub scouts. Sam's best friend turned eight in December and Sam has been eagerly waiting to join him at scouts since. Now he can! We went to our first Pack Meeting last week. This is Sam and his Den and Cub Master (also known as AKELA).

Sam escorted his mommy up for the award part. You will all be proud to hear that I earned my Bobcat pin. Here is Sam pinning it on me.

Sam earned his Bobcat which he got a patch for, the Leave No Trace Awareness Award which he also got a patch for, and his biking belt loop. He has been a busy boy this month. Thanks to his best friend for helping him along with his Bobcat. And a big thank you to his excellent den leaders. Here is a picture of us with our awards.

One of the funnest parts of the Pack meeting, besides getting my pin, was the cheers we did after each boys recognition. They drew a piece of paper out of a bowl with directions for a little cheer and we all did the cheer. Sam's cheer was the Compass Cheer. We all reached into our pockets for our compasses, opened our compasses, then pointed our compass arrows at Sam and then said, "There you go!" He loved it. And each cheer was different and just as silly. We have many years of pack meeting to look forward to!
Stay tuned to see what we did after Pack Meeting.


Reno Wells said...

I love it!! That is what a pack meeting should be. I am glad to hear your cub program works well.

Jeanna said...

Sam is like the most decked out cub scout I've ever seen! Poor Mackson never even had a neckerchief (ok, I admittedly have no idea how to spell that!), and then when he finally got a handmedown neck thingy, he has no slider to wear it with! I won't even go into the tall blue socks I see Sam wearing! It helps to have connections at the scout office, eh?? :) Can't wait for the big day!

Julie J. said...

Sam's uniform is courtesy of his maternal gradparents, one of which does work for the Boy Scouts of America.

Emily said...

um, i'm scared for scouts... it's yet ANOTHER thing i will have to "pack" into my week... and i have THREE boys!!!! ahhhh!

Heather said...

Way to go on all your awards, Sam!! It's fun to have him in our den . . . what a good kid! :)

Anonymous said...