Friday, May 8, 2009

Sam's 8th Birthday!

Wow! Time flies. I can't believe my baby is 8 years old. I've been asking him to stop growing since he was 3 but he says he can't help it. We don't let him have a friend party every year. So this is the second time he got to have one, that he can remember. We had a party when he turned one and then five. The next two will be 12 and 16. I'm sure some people think that's harsh but on the non friend party years we have little, family parties with his choice of dinner and cake.
Since he doesn't get a party every year he went BUCKNUTSIES and invited 50 people, including his whole school class. The rest were cousins and kids in our immediate neighborhood. Lucky for me 26 showed up. It was super fun and we were blessed with beautiful weather.
We had a water party and there were two pools and a sprinkler as well as beach ball sprinkler. And they had a great time tossing water balls around. Matt and I spent all day setting up.
We made 72 cup cakes. They weren't the most beautiful things ever and I'm glad they won't show up on the Cake Wrecks Blog since I'm not a pro. But they were tasty! Thanks for the frosting recipe Beck. And thanks for the fab arrangement Sav.
And thanks to Liz who let us use her patio furniture and umbrellas without knowing it. And to Blaine, one of our great neighbors who let us use her water spigot when ours didn't have enough pressure to make two sprinklers spectacular. And of course, thanks to everyone who came to support our boy on his birthday.
Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

The pools were filthy by the end of the fun. Pretty nasty.


Michelle said...

I love hte clever 8 shape in the cupcakes! ANd you are one brave woman to invite SOOO many kids!!!Happy birthday Sam :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Back yard parties are the best. I bet that you've now set the standards for fun birthday parties for the rest of the season. We have always done those types of parties and they were always tons of fun.

8 is a fabulous age...He is an amazing kid.

Julie J. said...

Accutually we totally copied one of our good friends and neighbors. Still fun!!!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! Those pedicures looked so fun and relaxing! What a fun family activity.

And the party looked SO fun! Good job on the cupcake cake! ha ha ha!

Emily said...

is that your back yard? i'm totally jealous, it's huge!!!

happy 8th!! there is something magical about 8


it's my favorite number

The Hungry said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

Anonymous said...