Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu*

This is what we did with our Saturday night. We watched the 5th Harry Potter Movie and gave ourselves pedicures.
Do my boys love me or what?

Sam's dainty little feet and ankles.

Julie's pudgy feet and cankles (For those of you who don't know - a cankle is when you can't differentiate between the calf and the ankles - there's just a foot at the end of the leg.)

Sam, hypnotized by the TV.

Matt didn't want his picture taken, but I'm putting on the blog anyway. He said he'd get a pedicure when PIGS FLY.
*Get it Swine Flu? Swine=pigs Flu - Flew Hahahahahah!


Jules said...

I can relate to the cankles. I wish I could come over and get a pedicure you are number one in my book. I loved all the tulip festival pics and the story, good for you that lady never would have gotten her purse back.

Reno Wells said...

Love it. Looks like fun. Jason likes to get pedicures, but not by me. For our 10 year anniversary I got him a ride in a NASCAR. I then made him go with me to get a pedicure. He was very reluctant. Now when I talk about it, he says he wants to go too.

Jeanna said...

I got a pedi once at a salon. There was a guy there in a kilt and he got black polish on his toes. I thought he looked so freakin' cool! Some guys can pull it off.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

OOOOOH! Looks so lovely and relaxing. Can't wait to see what they do for you on Mother's Day!

Tell Matt that I am impressed with how cool and confident he is in his manhood that he can enjoy something like a pedicure with his family. He Rocks.

Anonymous said...