Sunday, June 28, 2009

A (Busy) Week In The Life Of Sam.

He paid a visit to BYU's Museum of Art on a very rainy day. He enjoyed the Walter Wick exhibit and recommends it to all his friends, young and old.
Sam started piano lessons and loved his first lesson. This is the musical boy with his piano bag.

He spent a lot of time playing with babies.

Swim lessons.

He loves to go to the school for free lunch and a social visit with his friends.

And, of course, back to the pool for some leisure swimming.

Sam helped get Grandma's yard ready for the big party. He tried pulling this tree out with his bare hands and shear might.

He helped his mom and Aunt Becky paint the Love Shack.

He felled trees and carried them around like a born lumberjack.

Sam went to two days of Cub Scout Day Camp and loved every minute. He wishes he could go every day. They made marshmallow guns, fudge in a bag, bug catchers, shot arrows and BB guns, learned about first aid and had an egg drop. Among other things.

Sam made a trip to the Salt Lake Temple and waited patiently while his Uncle Peter married Aunt Whitney. It was a beautiful day and Sam looked very handsome in his wedding garb.
What a busy boy!