Monday, May 16, 2011

Sam makes the news.

One of our friends is an author. His name is Steven R. Burke and he wrote The Guardian Chronicles. The first book, The Broken Council, and the second book, The Fallen Guardian, are both available now. And Steve is working on the third book in the series now.
I haven't had the chance to read them yet, but we recently went to a book signing Steve was doing. It was fun and it got Sam totally interested in creative writing. He had several questions for Steve and went right home and got busy writing.
While we were there, there was a photographer from Provo's Daily Herald there. And sure enough Sam made the paper the following week. To see the picture and read the article click here.
Our neighbor, Chris, brought over a copy, and Sam was thrilled. About 30 minutes later we got a call from the librarian at Sam's elementary school, letting us know he was in the paper. On the Sunday after, I was visiting with some ladies after church when Sam walked up. Chris was there and she brought up Sam's picture in the paper to the other sister we were talking to. Sam reached behind him under his little suit coat and pulled the paper out of no-where... or maybe it was in his pants, unrolled it and showed it off. Until that moment, I had no idea he had it with him all day. The part that makes me laugh the most is that the picture is of Steve and Sam is in the background a little bit cut off. But he is so super proud to be in the shot. It reminds me of Mike Wagowski on Monster's Inc. When he and his partner make the news he's always thrilled, but in all the pictures you can only see his hand or elbow. Funny!


Becky said...

What a hilarious kid! He had the paper with him at church, tucked in his pants, ready to whip it out if it was mentioned! Awesome!

Becky said...

Oh and! I'm so glad you put a link to the article. I totally wanted to see the picture! What a crazy and great kid you have.

Emily said...

How fun!!! In all honesty, are the books good? Here in Cali, I'd have to buy them if I want to read... are they worth owning?

BTW they used that photo because Sam is adorable... but dont tell him i said that!