Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Years Old!

Ten Year Old Sam

I can't believe my baby boy is ten years old! No matter how much I beg him to stop growing up he just keeps getting bigger and more grown up.

He's so excited. He woke up to a new banner. One of our good friends made Lola a banner, which Sam and I decided to hang up every year for her birthday. As Sam's birthday approached I started to think that he needed a banner too.

Monday of this week became OPERATION:BIRTHDAY BANNER day. I roped Liz into helping me, like I do for all my crafty ideas. But Lola had been sick and slept all day on Monday. So then Tuesday became OPERATION:BIRTHDAY BANNER day. We got off to a late start again, because Lola slept in during her morning nap (we found out on Wednesday that she has bronchitis), but she eventually woke up and we went over to Aunt Liz's house and the banner got made. Last night Matt and I hung it after Sam went to bed. He was pretty happy to see it when he woke up this morning. I guess 10 isn't too old to enjoy the little things.

Now he is off to school with a backpack full of oatmeal cream cookies to share with his class and then he'll be having a little video game party with three of his friends this afternoon.

I think between now and the party I'll just curl up in a corner somewhere and cry because my babies are growing up and someday soon they are going to leave me, and I just don't think I can take it!


Becky said...

Operation: Birthday Banner looks like a success! How fun! I love Sammy! I hope he has a wonderful 10th birthday. We'll call him tonight!

Anonymous said...

10?! That's so wild, they grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Sam!!