Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Garden of 2011

Our garden this year is much like our garden last year, including the part where we plant too early and then fret for weeks about what the cold weather is doing to our poor little garden babies. Matt planted on May 14th this year. We have been told that the weekend after Mother's Day is the day to plant here in Utah, but then there is always a long patch of cold after that.
Just as we did last year, we planted four tomato plants on one side. I'll be using the large orange pot for basil again this year, but I have yet to buy that plant.

On the other side we have six jalapeno pepper plants and the strawberry patch that is thicker than ever this year. I have a feeling we won't have much room for peppers next year, as I'm sure the strawberries will have taken over this whole patch of garden.

This year I bought the tomatoes and peppers from the High School for a dollar per plant. Stay tuned for a garden update next month.

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Becky said...

Cool! Sounds delicious! I think I've heard you're supposed to thin should research that. I'm thinking when you thin and give less shoots more room they produce more? I could be totally wrong but that's something to look into if you're loosing room for other things.