Sunday, May 1, 2011


Do you know what FAFREWIBLOPMO is?
Me neither, but I am dragged into it anyway.
It all started with an innocent conversation over the phone with my sister, Becky. I can't recall what we were talking specifically about (we talk about a lot of stuff), but some how that time we blogged everyday for one whole month came up. Then one of us, maybe me, maybe not, said, "We should do that again in May". Then I forgot all about the conversation.
On Friday, I was behind on all things computer. I hadn't checked my email in 3 days, let alone read my favorite blogs for about a week. I don't even think I was on Facebook all week (I was revolting because we watched Social Network last weekend and I was seriously reconsidering my FB account after watching it, but now I'm all calmed down and realize that it was just a movie and maybe not EXACTLY how things went down, but still what a bunch of creeps, especially that Napster dude, which makes me really sad because I really, really am fond of Justin Timberlake, because he brought sexy back and we all needed that, so it broke my little heart to see him act out such a mean character, know what I mean? I'm still on FB, just so ya know). So, I was behind on all things computer and I paid a little visit to my sister's blog Farmer Freitas' Wife , where I found myself roped into FAFRELMNOPWIBLO9erPOMO. She straight up announced to the entire inter webs that I would be blogging everyday in May.
Okay, I'll do it.
If you would like to join us in blogging everyday this month, leave me a comment letting me know with your website if I don't already know it so I can follow along and get ideas from you, I mean, enjoy your posts.


Jenna Anderson said...

Julie...I LOVE this idea. Especially because I used to blog way more frequently than I do now. I can't imagine I will do much better posting with a third child...and I am not brave enough to commit to this month since I am hoping to pop some day very soon. But I will be here reading you everyday! Happy blogging!

Becky said...

Hilarious. For the record it was YOU who said we should do this again. I think it's your ploy to know all about my life in Michigan and not actually have to make the drive. Hee hee.

Did I catch a 9er in there?

Sandy said...

I won't blog but I will read it everyday in the month of May.

Meg said...

I am happy to reap the benefits of both of your FAREWIBLOPOMO efforts :)