Saturday, May 7, 2011

My 300th Post!

Dear Becky,

I'm dedicating my 300th post to you...
Here is my list for the day.

Sleep in- Thanks to Matt and Lola this worked out.
Talk Sam into scrubbing the bath tub - it took a $2 fee.
Beg Matt to clean the bathroom floor- I love that guy!
Clean the upstairs bathroom.
Start the laundry, because it didn't happen yesterday.
Clean my room, because it looks like a hoarder lives in there.
Help Sam clean his room because a hoarder DOES live in there.
Vacuum the whole upstairs.
Finish up Mother's Day prep.
Fold the laundry.
Clean the kitchen- Matt did this for me too!
Vacuum the downstairs.

Love, Julie

P.S. I'll be referring back to the list through out the day to get the satisfaction of cross things off.


Anonymous said...

Good hearty list!! That's awesome that you've got 300 posts. I don't even think I'm up to 100 yet. Someday...maybe when this baby comes it will happen to be the 100th post. We'll see.

Becky said...

Nice list. Loved it, thanks!