Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Nursing Party

I'm not a Royal watcher, but I spent most of last Thursday debating with myself about whether I should have a wedding party or not. I puttered around looking for items I could use to make myself a Fascinator. And thoughts of yummy foods floated through my head. I wanted to wear a fancy hat, sip out of a goblet, or better yet, a Tea Cup, munch on delicious finger foods, and watch the much anticipated wedding. I was a bit taken by the idea of a common girl becoming a real princess. Such a fairy tale.
But I came to the conclusion that I'm too lazy for all that.
So, when evening came, I rolled into bed and my eyes slammed shut. Sammy woke me up around 1:30AM to show me a toilet full of barf. (I love it when kids can get themselves to the toilet before it all comes out!) But my sweet little princess, the one who sleeps in a little princess bed next to my king size bed, woke me for a Royal Feeding around 3:40 AM. I woke up and went about the business of setting up my big pile of pillows that I lean against while I nurse on the bed and I thought, well, since I'll be awake anyway...
I turned on the TV and turned the volume all the way down. I tuned in just as Kate's mother got out of the car at the abbey. And I watched in silence until they were married and sat down to sing a hymn. Then I turned off the TV, put my little princess back in her bed, took the pile of pillows off my bed and went right back to sleep.
Here are my thoughts:
Loved the dress
Loved all the hats
Loved Prince Harry turning around to see his new sister walk down the isle
Loved Prince William's shy look as he told Kate she looked beautiful
Loved the two smooches on the Palace balcony (Later that day.)
Loved them leaving the reception in the convertible decorated just like a normal couple
Love how protective and gentle Prince William is with Kate

I wish them the best and I hope they have a great life together.
And did I mention I loved the hats? I LOVED the HATS!
When Matt woke up, he said he had a dream that he was hanging out with the Royals.

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