Friday, May 13, 2011

I love Blogger!

"Mom, what do you mean Blogger isn't working?!"

I love blogger but I've lost my daily post streak because blogger was set on read mode only yesterday while they did maintenance. Also, I happened to notice that two comments from a recent post have myseriously dissapeared. Where did they go? I'm still going for it and blogging every day I can for the rest of the month and I'll try to make it up next week with two posts in one day.

After the cookie post, it seemed like there were several comments that were putting a quote to the facial expression. See how I did it above? Now it is your turn. We are going to play a little game. The winner, which I will choose at my own whim, will get a prize from me.

Here is the picture that needs a Quote, so imagine a little thought or speech bubble coming from Lola.Winner will be announced next Friday, May 20th. Ready, Set, Go!!!


Anonymous said...

"Tucanos isn't sitting very well in my tummy."

Jessica said...

Yup, pretty sure that is the same lady that posted a picture of me on her blog yesterday...Try to act casual, don't stare...oh this is awkward.

Jeanna said...

"I'm picturing a moment. I'm 15 and she is STILL taking candid shots of me when I first wake up. I must plot my retaliation NOW."

Sandy said...

Ah, is that Sam again standing behind me ready to pounce?

Becky said...

This was a hard one for me because I feel like her face could be saying so many things in this picture. I took a few days but I've figured it out.

"You bathed me and made me all cute just to put me back in your bed?!?!? Ahhh! Where are the Thin Mints and Milk?"