Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the Thirteenth

Are you superstitious? Sometimes? Me too, sometimes. And after yesterday, it' still up in the air.

I had a busy, busy day planned. Starting with a early morning shift at the Fitness Center daycare. I was super organized though so I was going to be five minutes early to work, after I dropped Sam off for his early morning reading class. As I went to move Lola from her bouncy seat to her car seat, I noticed she was wet all on front, and it was worse down low and moving up rather than up top from drool, and moving down... You guessed it, POOP! I ran upstairs (though it was really more like a quick waddle, because that's what I do) and set her on the changing table and got started. But, because the poop was all up her front, she got it on her hands every time she moved, then when I would wipe her hands she would kick her feet, into the diaper and poop got on her feet. Some how I got most of it and pulled the onesie over her head. Sure enough, poop in her hair. We headed for the bath, got her all cleaned up and redressed and ended up to work about 20 minutes late.
I always feed Lola before I go to work to make sure I don't have to nurse her during my shift, and I did that yesterday, but I think she was feeling empty after her morning fiasco because she didn't make it through the two and a half hour shift. I had to nurse at work, BOO.
From work, I went and picked up my sister Liz. She called me before work and asked me to bring a diaper, which she was out of, she needed a diaper for Percy, which I forgot to bring, so we put him in a size two diaper, he normally wears size four, and hoped he wouldn't do anything major in it.
Then we headed over to the High School where we bought plants for our gardens. It was fun, except that we weren't sure how to get into the green house. A kind and helpful student gave us directions. Then the teacher in charge of the green house was in the middle of class, so we felt shy about interrupting him. Then picture this - Me, pushing Lola in a stroller, Kelsey pushing Percy in a stroller, and Liz carrying two flats of plants out through the dark metal shop and classroom and hall way and parking lot. We made it. And Liz managed to hold all the plants while I loaded the kids and strollers in the car. PHEW!
Then we went to Costco to make some purchases for a baby shower I was going to host the next day. I saw some gorgeous Gerber Daisies that I thought would be a perfect decoration for the baby shower. While shopping we got the best sample ever! A WHOLE CREAMY POPSICLE, EACH! When we got to the checkout we found out that the Gerber Daisies were part of a six pack, so we had to go back and pick out five more plants.
From there it was off to Wal-Nast. Wal-Nast always brings me bad luck. The mojo there is totally off. We pulled into the parking spot, busted Lola into the cart, got Kelsey and Percy out when Liz's cell phone rang. It was Matt saying that Sam's school was trying to get in touch with me, Sam laughed way too hard, lost all his senses and had an accident. He needed some clean pants. Friday the thirteenth does not agree with my children's bodily functions. So, Liz loaded P and K back into my car, and went to get some clean clothes for Sam and took them to him at the school while Lola and I went on into Wal-Nast and did the rest of the shopping. Then she came back and picked me up.
Then I had wonderful plans to visit with a friend who was in from out of town that fell through. So disappointing! Michelle! I Love You! I miss you! Come see me!
Anyway, maybe I'm superstitious, maybe I'm not. But it felt like the day was one fiasco after another. It wasn't a totally terrible day, but I hope your day was better.

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Eight Is Great! said...

I read your blog and realized that that's the day Gavon broke his feemer and was put in his lovely body cast. Dang friday the thirteenth :)

Becky said...

Wowa! That is a crazy Friday the Thirteenth! I wish I was there to be part of the chaos. Picturing Sam laughing himself senseless makes me smile...big. Great post!