Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Order

Sam brought home a book order today. He circled the books he wants, which I don't think he has done before. I liked to order books when I was a kid, but I don't remember getting to order that often. But I do remember that my mom signed me up for Sweet Pickles which was a book club that sent me a new book every couple of weeks or once a month. I loved that.

Here are the books Sam circled, the description, price and my feelings about his choice. (Just because I know you're dieing to know.)

Ferocious Sharks - See inside a Great White's jaw, get a close-up look at the weird hammerhead, and more! $5.00 Not worth five bucks.

The Bailey School Kids: Vampires Do Hunt Marshmallow Bunnies - A Vampire is sucking sugar out of all the candy in Bailey City! Will the Easter Egg hunt be ruined? Comes with Glow In The Dark Fangs! $3.00 Sounds like a fun book but I'm pretty sure he just wants the fangs.

Fingerboard Tips & Tricks - Make this Mini skateboard (for your fingers) do eight AWESOME ticks! Includes Fingerboard, 2 Sets of Extra Wheels, Mini-Wrench, Mini-Screwdriver, 2 Extra Screws, 2 Extra Rivets, and a 32-Page Color Booklet. $8.00 Forget it. Nobody needs a skateboard for their fingers. At least an actual skateboard can get you somewhere. Where are your fingers going that they need a skateboard to get there.

Barack Obama: Our 44th President - The first biography for kids of the newly-elected President of the United States! $6.00 Let's wait and see if he does anything in the White House worth reading about.

Transformer Workbook Set - Transform your reading skills! Tons of activities and reward stickers, too! 2 Full-Color Workbooks-Only $8.00 Workbooks? So, let me get this straight. You want me to buy you extra homework?

iCarly: iWanna Stay! - Carly and Freddie get trapped in Miss Briggs' house! $4.00 Probably because they were doing something either disobedient or disrespectful. No way. (Small rant: What is up with Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and their tween shows teaching my kid how to be disrespectful to grown ups? I'm on to the them.)

Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound - Rotten Gigi is planning a trick on Harper-so Alex uses her magic to get Gigi first! $5.00 First, I find it interesting that a Nickelodeon book is worth and whole dollar less than a Disney Channel book. Second, see above rant.

Since I vetoed all of his choices, I'll offer to get him the $1 book - Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears.


Reno Wells said...

Sweet Pickles is Great!

Reno Wells said...

Our teachers suggest the $1.00 book.

Becky said...

Good for you! I am also really disgusted with the tween shows that are teaching kids that it's ok to do bad stuff as long as so get away with it or as long as it offers comic relief.

I saw an iCarly where one of them wrote all the answers to a test on her belly. They found out in the hallway that the test was cancelled so the character lifted her shirt and said, "So, I wrote everything down on my belly for nothing?" Then they qued the canned laughter. Cheating is NOT funny!

Sandy said...

and what about the show the american teenager. Are they trying to make people think this is typical. Are they trying to say it is okay, eveything will work out. that is a bunch of hoooey

The Hungry said...

are we all related or what?!

Emily said...

Julie, YOU crack me up!

Jeanna said...

I loved your comments. My kids have circled their choices from the book order catalog for some time and I have had what I am pretty sure are the exact same reactions. Though, since I never see tween shows I have no idea what is out there other than stupid hannah montana with her annoying voice! Best of both worlds my hiney. Lame-o!

Anyway.....I pretty much only buy the $1 books. Call me stingy.

Anonymous said...