Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fooshnicken Cold Spring Break

We tried to feed the ducks but it was too cold for most of them (the ducks I mean).
Even after we took shelter in the pavilion, it was still too cold for the mom's and the babies.
But it wasn't too cold to get a Sasquatch sighting.... Is that Sasquatch?

It sure moves, sounds and smells like Sasquatch.

Despite the cold it was fun and we have vowed to go back to the beautiful park on a warm and sunny day in the near future.

The next Day:
What is Wrong with this picture?!!!!!!!

It only got worse from here. On Thursday we woke up to over 7 inches of snow. It was heavy wet snow and it took down hundreds of branches all over American Fork. As far as I noticed our neighbor hood lost one whole tree and several branches. Sorry no pictures of the destruction.


Anonymous said...

I like the sasquatch reference! Can;t believe how cold it is there!

Becky said...

I too like the sasquatch reference AND pictures! I can't believe you got TWO pictures of Sam looking/acting like sasquatch. Hilarious!

It was good to see Jen and her boys and Melissa and her kids. Maya is SO big/mature! Cute!

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was cold here!!

Michelle said...

I remember when we lived close enough to go feed the ducks together... or was it fish? Either way, it was fun!!

Jeanna said...

My kids were begging me to call you last week. Then on Saturday we were out and about with Mack only and he was begging us to meet up with the AF Johnsons (Sam in particular). I called, to no avail.

And as for Spring Break, I just couldn't bring myself to even leave the house, I was so dismayed by the weather.

Anonymous said...