Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Boy and His Egg

This is The Egg.
This is the Boy and his Egg!The Boy Loves His Egg.

But the school was having an EGGSTRAVAGANZA and told all the children to protect their eggs so they wouldn't break when dropped off the school roof. The Boy and his BEAUTIFUL MOTHER got to work protecting the BELOVED Egg.They wrapped it in 25 pieces of two ply Puffs Plus which contains more soothing moisturizers than ordinary tissues. They Gently taped the tissues around The Egg. Then they transferred the other 16 eggs left in the carton over to the "egg holder" in the refrigerator door. (They rarely use this "egg holder" because inevitably an egg or two will roll out and fall to it's demise every time the door is yanked open by a starving person looking for something to eat. Which is pretty often around here.) Once the carton was empty, they cut out a couple of the choicest pieces and gently taped them around The Egg.
The Boy decided that the Scooby Doo bucket acquired from Carl's Junior several years ago would be the perfect vessel of protection for The Egg. But, of course, not without a soft bed of Easter Grass to lay upon.
And, of course, a soft blanket of Easter Grass to cover and protect.
The Boy went to work decorating the sides of the bucket, because we all know that Scooby Doo is the perfect decoration for a Halloween Egg Vessel, but not an Easter Egg Vessel.
It says: BY SAM MISS.G (yes he put the period before the G - He's so cute!)
By this I think he meant:

1.(used as a Japanese patriotic cry or joyous shout.)
2.(used as a Japanese battle cry.)
3.leading to likely or inevitable death; suicidal: a banzai attack by Japanese troops in the last days of World War II.

That (I guess) is exactly what The Egg will be screaming as it is dropped from the school roof in this: The Finished Product. (Do they even celebrate Easter in Japan?)
The Boy and the Finished Product
Tune back in later to see how our friend and loved one - The Egg fared.


Anonymous said...

I hope the BELOVED egg lives!

Reno Wells said...

Next year you could try Sydney's Egg Drop recipe. Plasic cup, english muffin, peanut butter, egg, more peanut butter, more english muffin. We also have to make sure out egg is in a ziploc bag. WHAT A MESS. Have fun!!

Becky said...

How fun!!! The boy looks SO BIG!! He's growing and maturing! What a fun project. Sam is so lovable...and loving, obviously since he loves the egg so much! I hope it lives...well, once it's dropped...after that it will probably die and then get eaten!

Meesa said...

Did it live?

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Hurry and post about the results. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting and at some point my husband is going to require that I go home and make him some dinner (kidding).

Anonymous said...