Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank you!

Dear Becky, Nathan and Marley Parley Pants,

Thank you for the stylish birthday hat, the DVD of my favorite Disney Movie, for the Lip Tint (don't my lips look HOT?!) and for the yummy white treats. We like to lick them and put them on my face. It's fun but then I forget they are there and go about my business with food on my face. They sure are tasty.

Yes, my birthday isn't until Monday but I had to bust those gifts open as soon as I saw them. Thanks and I love you all.

Dear Reader: If you think I'm crazy and you don't

know why this picture is funny, go here and here.


Anonymous said...

That is clever!!! You look beautiful by the way.

Becky said...

Ha! That's awesome! You do look very HOT...not just those lips but those dazzling eyes too. I'm glad you liked your gifts. Love you!

Jeanna said...

Birthday gifts rock! Enjoy the new movie, the party hat will last for YEARS, just take good care of it every year and you're set!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You look HOT! Love the hat and the lip gloss. Nuttin better than a birthday package.

Who doesn't love Mary Poppins!

Happy Birthday!

The Hungry said...

So funny - I totally got the white food on your face connection but forgot about the fancy hats - love you!

The Hungry said...

and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...