Friday, March 27, 2009

Conversations with Sam

In the car on the way to school -

Sam: Mom, I thought of someone who could kill Link.

Me: Who?

Sam: Guess.

Me: Uuummmmm, the PowerPuff Girls.

Sam: TSS! NO!

Me: Uuummmmm, King Koopa

Sam: Who's that?

Me: The bad guy on Mario Brothers.

Sam: No way. If Mario can kill him just by jumping on him a few times then Link could totally kill him. Link has a sword, boomerang and a bow and arrows.

Me: Oh. Then who, tell me.

Sam: BEN TEN! (said in a DUHHH voice.)

Me: What? No way. If Link can kill that big boss who looks like a dinosaur by hitting him in the belly with a bomb and then while he lays down to recover Link aims a bomb in his mouth to blow him up from the inside, then Ben Ten could never kill Link.

Sam: YES! If Ben Ten used his Omnitrex to become Grey Matter or Diamond Head he could kill Link because......

Luckily the drive to school only takes about three minutes, other wise he would have gone on all day. OK, maybe I did egg him on a little, but he doesn't have any siblings. If I don't do it, who will?


Becky said...

It's so true. I have often wondered why you and Matt sometime harrass and torment Sam...but, then I remember, who's going to do it if they don't?

You guys are great parents and I thoroughly enjoyed that conversation...thank you!

Anonymous said...

I know I should know who Ben Ten is, b/c it sounds familiar. Who is it?

Julie J. said...

Ben Ten is in a cartoon aof the same name. He finds a giant watch and puts it on but it's not actually a watch it a device that turns him into ten different aliens.

Sandy said...

You and Sam spend way too much time playing games. You knew too many details. I suppose you think these games are giving Sam reasoning and deduction skills.

Julie J. said...

This ^ from the mother of Peter.

Meesa said...

Happy Birthday Julie! By the way you rock! I think Sam's heart must have been about to bust as he was having this discussion with you! These things that seem so frivolous to us mean so much to these little boys. I think it is fabulous that you know enough and care enough to discuss these things with Sam. I can just hear the excitement in Sam's voice as he talks to you. For the record I think Ben as humongousur could totally take Link out.

Sandy said...

Try sleeping with that giant watch poking you in the face. At dinner Sam was eating with his left hand (egg rolls which his G-mother knows he loves and he gets when he comes to her house) and I said didn't you have a giant watch on that wrist when you came this evening. he says, "what watch?". I kept saying let me see your other wrist and he and G-pa kept saying "What watch?" I think they were playing mind games on me. Then when it was time to go to bed (9:00 pm) Sam was in the middle of the bed and I am trying to take a nap and this giant watch is resting right on my forehead. "What watch, you say"

Julie J. said...

It's not a watch - it's an omnitrex. Geez G-ma! Get with it!

Steve Burke said...

Sam is one funny guy.

Anonymous said...