Thursday, March 12, 2009

Under the Weather

I've had bronchitis. It's really bad news, especially for my poor little asthmatic bronchials. But there is good news and it's name is cough syrup with CODEINE! Julie likey.

But it gives me freaky dreams.

The first night we were on the run in the nastiest metropolitan area imaginable and people kept taping tracking devices to Sam that I would pull off and bite to break it. It was intensely scary.

The second night I went to the school I worked at last year and tried to talk to people but couldn't because I had to keep blowing my nose. Finally, the janitor came over to see if he could help me with my nose. This made perfect sense to me. No luck. So I went home and started feeling around near my nose and eye. All of a sudden a small toy belonging to Sam came out of my nose. Then about 15 marbles came, one at a time. Then a WHOLE PACKAGE OF CRACKERS. I said, " Well it's no wonder I have bronchitis with all this stuff up my nose." That little bit of reality was all it took to wake me up. As soon as I woke I realized I had a tissue shoved up my nose. I remember doing it right before I fell asleep because the nasal drip was driving me crazy.

The third night I had nearly convinced Brad Pitt to father a child for me. NOOO! It wasn't that kind of dream. Sheesh! It was just the most logical step for him and for my family... He asked me how the new child and I would fit into his life and I explained to him that we ( Matt, Sam, the new julie/brad child and I) would all become part of his family, living near by - like in the pool house, and traveling with them. He was a little concerned about how Angelina would take it, but I gently reminded him that he had a different family before he had her, so what is the problem. He was about to tell me I was totally right and he felt good about it when I woke up.

Good bye cough syrup with codeine, I'll miss you!!!


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Emily said...

LOVE IT! and most of all, I too, love cough syrup with codeine!

Becky said...

Sorry, I have been out of it too. Something is wrong with me. Headaches and nausia...and NO I'm not pregnant...not even trying so don't even think about asking if I am.

Glad to get caught up on the blog. First of all I WANT A HUGE DONUT!!!! Second...your bathroom floor looks GREAT!!! And third..You guys got a Wii. Wow! THat's Cool! Fourth...those are so crazy dreams.

Jules said...

Julie, I love your blog, you always keep it real and so funny. I too love the codeine cough syrup. When I was first pregnant I had a horrible cold and sinus infection. I had to see another Dr. because mine wasn't in and he couldn't give me anything. Then a couple of days later I took a kid to see my Dr. and he heard me cough and said "Hey you want some phenergan?" Music to my ears. I finally go to sleep, just no weird dreams. I get that just from being pregnant.

Jeanna said...

Admittedly, the Brad Pitt dream is my favorite. I know Brad is a sensible guy and was definitely going for your plot/plan! :)

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