Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review - A Girl From The Limberlost

When Matt and I first met he kept calling me A Girl From the Limberlost, which through the years has been shortened down to Limberlost. I've heard him refer to my sister as this and other red headed people, as well as myself. Apparently Matt's parents had a movie (Feature Films For Families) while he was growing up of this title and the main character has really white skin and reddish hair.

While I was last at the library, Matt and Sam just happened to be with me. I wandered over to the Young Adult section and found the book, A Girl From The Limberlost. Well, of course I had to check it out, just to tease Matt a little. Turns out, I love this book.
It has a very unique story with a very familiar plot and excellent character development. I loved the characters. I finished the book less than 24 hours ago and I already miss them. I totally recommend this book to people of all ages. And I borrowed the movie from Matt's Mom. Guess what we're doing tonight!

On a red headed side note, a few weeks ago I was at a friends house for a special occasion and there was a girl there who I wasn't very familiar with. In this story she will be referred to as "The Stranger". My friend has a daughter with the curliest red hair I have ever seen. She is also one of the cutest little things I have ever seen. Anyway, The Stranger saw the little cutie and commented on how cute she is. She then looked right at me and turning back to the mother of the cutie said, "If you HAVE to have red hair, it's GOT to be curly." Just another one of those moments where I can totally identify with Elizabeth Bennett.


Matthew Johnson said...

Wrong! If you're going to have red hair, you can't beat straight, "hunter" orange. Love ya!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Being a person with curly hair, I think that straight is best no matter what color! I hope you had a great retort for the "stranger", although if it had been me, I would only have thought of the great retort later on.

Becky said...

ha ha ha!!! Matt is so weird! And the "stranger" RUDE!!!