Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things you may not know about me

Four Jobs I’ve Had?
1 - Sales clerk for Tandy Leather
2 - Live in Nanny
3 - Day Care Associate
4 - Instructing Assistant

Four Movies I would Watch over and over
1 - Goonies
2 - Finding Neverland
3 - Any of the Harry Potter Movies
4 - Nacho Libre

Four TV Shows that I watch
1 - LOST
2 - Survivor
3 - The Office
4 - Jeopardy

Four Place I’ve Been on Vacation
1 - Disneyland
2 - Pennsylvania Amish Country
3 - Martha's Vineyard
4 - Oregon - we went crabbing, it was awesome

People who email me regularly
1 - Matt - my Husby
2 - Becky - my sister
3 - Kathy - My Aunt
4 - Myspace to tell me that Amy has posted a comment on my page.

Four of my favorite foods
1 - Pesto on french bread
2 - Crab legs
3 - Steak
4 - Sushi

Four Places I would rather be
1 - New York City
2 - Hawaii (though I've never been there so this is just a guess)
3 - On a Mediterranean Cruse
4 - California

Four Friends I think will respond
1 - Jeanna
2 - Matt
3 - Becky
4 - No one else reads my blog. Except for Holley and she already did it, and Kim,but her blog isn't for this kind of stuff..... But she could email it to me. :)

6 things you don't know about me:
1. I am a Harry Potter fanatic who spends way too much time thinking about it, but it makes me so happy I can't help it. I even have a wand. And Sam and I day dream about flying on broom sticks and having pet owls.
2. I never make my bed, and then at bed time my husband makes the bed over me. It's my most favorite thing ever. It feels good, you should try it.
3. When I'm flipping through the channels and I come across a rodeo, I secretly count to 8 to see if they are doing good. I am an under cover rodeo judge.
4. I can't stand it when I can see people's toes moving or wiggling or touching something or rubbing together, etc. It makes me violently crazy.
5. I think I'm turning into a bird because I am growing feathers out of my hips. No joke.
6. I am really mad that my Suave coconut shampoo doesn't make my hair smell like coconut. As much as I really don't like fruity smells I really want to smell like coconut. I guess I'll just have to wear my coconut bra everyday.


Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I love Harry Potter too and my son Wesley is like you, completely obsessed. Did you know that they are building a Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida? It is supposed to be up and running in 2009. Maybe we should plan a family reunion. That would be so much fun. I'll start saving my pennies now. Loving your blog!

Jeanna said...

try coconut lotions, it works great, I love the smell too.

Kim said...

Julie, I just love your blog. It really makes me want to do a blog like this but I really don't think I could come up with something to say everyday. I'm really pretty boring. That's why I love having you as a friend because you come up with such crazy, funny things.

acote2 said...

feathers from your hips?? So maybe instead of having a pet owl you are becoming one?? ;) ALL in fun! love ya!

Anonymous said...
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