Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Out of the blog closet.

So I started the blog thinking I would make some entries, keep them to myself until I was completely comfortable posting, and then I would spread the word. Boy am I surprised at how quickly people have noticed. And it's OK with me. I thought I would be a little more shy and guarded about it than I have been feeling. But if you found this blog on your own without me telling you about it, which at this point would be all of you, please don't feel bad because I haven't told anyone. So feel free to add me to your list of favorites and lurk around as much as you like.
On Monday night I started the blog and made my first entry and then went to bed and dreamt all night about blogging. I couldn't wait to get home from work to poke around the blogger dashboard. While at work on Tuesday Matt decided to start his own blog. So yesterday and tonight the war of the bloggers has started and we fight over who gets to the use the computer first, shouting things like, "I call the computer!" or "No, I had it first, see, I already turned it on." Poor Sam is probably wishing he could have a turn.
Speaking of Sam, today after reading a book he said,"Did the author draw these pictures?" and I told him that he did. (The author happens to be my cousin who wrote the book in like fourth grade as an assignment and his teacher had it hard bound. We got the only copy!)So then Sam said, "He made some really good characters, while I was reading I totally went into that world."
I thought this was hilarious coming out of a six year old.
So today at work the teacher I work with had a children's book sitting on her desk. She is an art teacher and has books of all kinds around for the students to refer to while drawing. Well this book was called the Beetle Alphabet Book and I wish I could remember the author and the artist because it was awesome. Besides the beautiful paintings and the very interesting text I noticed words hidden here and there on the Beetles. At first I was confused..... Like am I really seeing that and am I supposed to be seeing that. I quickly caught on that there were words hidden on every Beetle and then slowly I realized that the words were song titles from The BEATLES. Then I read their dedications in the front and and was sure of it. This book could have kept me entertained for hours. I didn't find them all but I will.


Jeanna said...

that sam, he has always been a very bright kid. You gotta love that he loves to read!

Anonymous said...
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