Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Legend Lives On

Every so often, Grandma Alger issues a challenge to her grandchildren. When there is a play coming to town that Grandma wants to see or that she thinks they would like, she tells her grandchildren that if they read the book then she will buy them a ticket too.
Last Saturday Grandma Alger took her grandchildren (and me) to see The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at BYU. It was a one hour show in what is called a Theater-in-the-Round. This is where the audience sits on all sides of the stage. Also, on the stage they had taped off an X shaped walk way and then let the children sit in the triangles of the X. The play had a cast of four and only a stool shaped like a saddle for a set. Through out the show they pulled kids and other audience members out to be part of the show. They were windows, doors, towns folk, dancers, cows, etc. The kids loved it and were super willing to participate. The audience also helped with sound effects and one kid got pulled out of the audience before the show started and put into a ghost costume and he helped the cast pull kids out to help and also got to do what the rest of the cast did. He was part of the whole show. Sam was so jealous.

Then, early this week, Sam came home from school and said, "Remember that play we saw on Saturday? Well, they came to my school today, I told them I saw their show on Saturday, and then they chose me to be the ghost kid." He was super excited to tell me all about what he got to do and how he helped. He loved it. While I was at the school on Halloween for the costume parade Sam's teacher from last year told me what a great job he did in the play. She said he was "Hilarious" and "Brilliant." I wish I could have been there to take  pictures and watch him.

Then on Halloween night we were at the annual Truck or Treat at Grandma's ward, when the Headless Horseman himself made an appearance. I hollered for Sam but couldn't find him and hoped he would see. But I did manage to snap these babies as proof.

Random Sasquatch sighting in the Fine Arts Building at BYU.


Becky said...

My is so awesome. And that is so cool that same got to be the kid that got picked as part of the cast the second time. I would have LOVED to see that too! I think he would be a great actor.

So cool that the headless horseman showed up for the ward trunk or you know who that was? Genius. And so fun!

Shauna said...

First, I'm going to be a grandma just like the kind your mom is. Second, this sounds so great.

From what I can tell your oldest son seems so great. So awesome he got a chance to be the ghost.

And the headless horseman? Who was that? THat's crazy. My kids would have died if that came to our Trunk or Treat. :)

Shauna xoxoxo