Thursday, November 15, 2012


So, a month or so ago our dryer started making a loud scraping, clunk as it got started and then again when it stopped. We just went along with it for a while, because we are cheap and poor, but then I started thinking about how much we need the dryer and how much we can't afford a new one and what if continuing to use it while it's scraping and clunking is causing worse damage than if I just got it fixed after the first time, etc. Then it was making a louder noise consistently. 
We use our dryer a lot. I have two laundry days. Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday I do about 6 loads of laundry and on Friday I do about 5 loads. So that's at least 11 loads per week, if we don't have any random extra loads on days in between. Sometimes it happens that I wash and dry all the rugs or throw some blankets in, or someone needs to wear something that isn't clean. And then there is Matt, who uses the dryer every single morning to "iron" his clothes. 
I don't iron, people.
So I finally got up the... I don't know what it was, courage? Lack of laziness? Something like those two put together? What ever it was I got it up and called the repair man, who knew exactly what was wrong just from my description over the phone. 
He came, he fixed.

He disassembled.
He replaced a part.
He vacuumed out all the lint.
He reassembled.
He left me a gift...
Or two....

Less than $150 later, my dryer is working like new. What a relief.


Becky said...

Ut oh. You're dryer is out? Do you want Nathan to come fix it?

Michelle said...

Donny uses our dryer to "iron" his shirts in the morning too! I love the part about getting up the courage/ lack of laziness :) I feel like that alot!!!

Shauna said...

Oh no, I don't iron either. Kirk's cousin Marie, came over once to teach me how to iron and I stood there with my eyes glazed over.

I hear you on this. We all do so much laundry and when the washer or dryer goes out it's literally a catastrophe.

So glad you got it fixed and vacuumed out!! Awesome.

GReat Weekend!

Shauna xoxoxox