Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creative with a K.

 My friend Shauna bestowed upon me a
Kreativ Blogger Award. I suspect she did this because I was trying to blog everyday this month and then after the 9th, I missed three days in a row. We had a really busy weekend, and then Matt had Monday off for Veterans Day, so that threw me off some more (see #11 below).Thanks for the motivation Shauna. Sorry if I disappointed you.
Here are 10 Random things about me:
1. In 1998 I went to a taping of  The Price is Right. No, I did not get called down, but I did sit on the right end isle seat of the second row so you can see me pretty much the whole time and I even high fived a guy who was just called down and running to his little podium for the show case. I have the episode on tape, but no longer own a VCR... I wonder if I could some how get it put on DVD, because I know my posterity will be wanting to see it. Matt was there too, with his girlfriend, who was not me at the time... whatever.
2. When I was in high school, I went with my mom and siblings to a casting call, in San Francisco,  for the movie What Dreams May Come. There was a call for redheaded extras and from what I understood at the time it was for a scene of heaven and everyone there would be a redhead. We filled out a questionnaire that had some pretty strange questions on it, like: Would you be willing to work in water and be wet for most of the day.  Even though we didn't get to be in the movie or even called back, I still believe that only red heads are getting into heaven. On a side note, when I did watch the movie, What Dreams May Come, I was completely confused.
3. I hate George Costanza. The end.
4. I have been watching NCIS and Castle season by season. It started with NCIS, which I now love. I borrowed season 1 from my dad to watch on my laundry days while I fold clothes. I'm now ready to start season 7, which we bought him for his birthday. He only had the first 6 seasons so in the mean time I switched to Castle. He has the first 3 seasons of Castle,which I also now love. Both shows make folding 900 pounds of laundry per week so much more enjoyable. What am I going to do when I'm all caught up on both shows?
5. I am completely over Ranch Dressing. I don't like it, on anything, anymore.
6. I dream about my whole family having bikes (with a trailer for Lola) so we can ride around town; which, is sad because we sold Matt's bike to buy Sam's trumpet.
7. I love to sing. It's the main reason I am forcing Sam to learn to play the piano; so that he can play while I sing, for hours and hours, all kinds of songs, anytime I want.
8. I am one of the last people in America, and probably the world, who doesn't have a normal cell phone. I have a prepaid Virgin Moble phone that I bought back in 2003. It looks like it came out of a gumball machine and I only use it for emergencies. I hardly ever use it, and it is rarely charged up. And forget about texting, I really don't know how. This is not to say I don't want a normal cell phone, I would love a smart phone with a camera and texts and Angry Roosters and Words with something Drawn. I want it all. It's just not meant to be. I can't afford it and I honestly don't know how anyone else does either.
9. Every road trip we take, we have to listen to Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. It's a must.
10. I believe in aliens and they freakin' scare me.
11. It cramps my style when Matt stays home from work. It throws me off and I get nothing done. I also loose track of what day of the week it is, and then I'm off for the whole rest of the week. I like it when he's here, it just really messes me up.

Thanks again for the award, Shauna. 
Now to pass it on. I'm going to bestow it upon:
because she is Kreativ and her blog has been really making me giggle all month long. 
Congratulations Becky, you know what to do next!


Shauna said...

It's 12 in the morning and I'm dying, completely cracking up laughing.

1. Yes you can get it made into a DVD. No problem. It'll probably cost about ten dollars. Costco will do it for you. I can just hear you saying "Whatever" about the girlfriend. Dying...

2. Have I seen this? I need to check.

3. I don't like him either.

4. What you're going to do when those shows end is get your kids to fold the laundy...no problem right??? :)

5. I never use Ranch Dressing...instead use Good Seasons packets. I mix the seasoning with olive oil and Balsalmic. It's so good. The only way my kids eat Ranch is as a dip for veggies at in laws for Sunday dinner. The first time someone offered them Ranch as an actualy salad dressing they were so confused....Hilarious.

6. Oh Julie!!! I want you to have bikes too? What else can you sell now to get the bikes???? Actually on a more serious note, try to get your bikes used. We have and it's always worked out great. And it's inexpensive this way.

7. Laughing out Loud, really looooouuuuud!!!!! I love it. Totally, I will be awaiting a live clip of this, a duet if you will with your son very soon.

8. Oh Julie. I was you just one year ago. I swear. When I opened that iphone box for Christmas last year I fully expected to see a watch in it or a nice pair of earrings. When it was an actual iphone, my senses were so thrown off I thougt, "is it a play phone." It was and I just wondered why would he get me this? I have no experience with this new fangled technology? I love it now. But, your comment again, too much.

9. That's awesome. We listen to books on tape mainly.

10. I don't believe in them and they still freakin' me...

11. Very true. It's the same for me. I love it so much when Kirk stays home but my whole dynamic is thrown to the way side. It's weird?

I'm so glad you picked Becky!!! Since I picked her last I wanted to pick you this time. I'm glad you did this because out of all the girls I chose, you're probably the only one that will participate and it's so fun!!!!


Shauna xoxoxoxxo

Shauna said...

Corrections. It's so late, I made some errors.

The iphone was a real iphone.

I don't believe in them and they still freakin' scare me....

Alright, going to bed now!

Shauna xoxoxox

Becky said...

1. how come I didn't go?!?!! probably no room. I'm glad you went and you should TOTALLY try to get that onto a DVD.

2. I have never seen the whole thing...confusing and boring.

3. Loath him!

4. LOVE those shows...especially Castle!

5. It depends on the Ranch for me...homemade hidden valley is good. ANY bottled is disgusting!

6. I want you to have bikes too. You were half way there with Matt's and the trailer you guys had! But, you sold both for good causes. I would say that you could use ours once we will in the same town...but our family wants to go biking with your family....a biker gang!

7. That's exactly why I'm going to make Marley take piano....just need to find a piano...and STOP moving!

8. It's true...I don't know how people afford iPhones and data plans. We have 550 minutes between 3 people and unlimited text because that's how Nathan and I roll and it is almost $100 a month with our home phone. Every once in awhile we thinking...maybe when our contract is up we'll just get rid of the cell phones....but, we can't bring ourselves to do it. It really is a necessity for us now.

9.Every road trip we take we have to listen to Billy Joel. I love that guy. I do love me some Gambler too. I have that on my iPod...I really should listen to that more.

10. I do not believe in aliens and they do not scare me.

11. Same. except this past Monday he had off and I made him help me fold the clothes, after he finished changing our brakes. We watched White Collar while we folded! You should try to get your hands on that show when you finish the others! you will love it! Probably even more than we do because you were that art teachers assistant.

You are too funny!

The Yuan Fam said...

Those are awesome!! I totally agree about having a spouse home when they're not supposed to be...completely throws EVERYTHING off!!