Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lost and Found

The other day I was searching everywhere for my kitchen washcloths. I had folded all the laundry and there was a good size stack of them in that batch of laundry. Then I had to go somewhere so Matt and Sam were left to put the laundry away and the washcloths went missing.
As I dug through the drawer they live in with the hand towels I had and idea that maybe they fell out the back of the drawer to the drawer below. So I checked the drawer below and they weren't there. Then I thought maybe they fell out the back of the drawer but landed into the nothingness behind the drawers. I wasn't sure if there even was a nothingness behind the drawers because I had never looked back there before. I pulled out the bottom two drawers and I found:

two wooden spoons
one white plastic serving spoon
three zip lock baggies
one small, white, paper bag
three hand towels that I forgot existed
one salad claw that I was digging around the drawer for about a week ago
one hot pad and one wash cloth, that don't belong to us
a long plastic straw that goes with a water bottle
a large peace of foil that had been folded up very neatly, but not by me
a blade for an electric knife, also not ours
a mason jar ring

All perfectly clean, not one speck of dust back there.
But the wash cloths I was looking for weren't there. I started nagging Matt and Sam about them and Matt finally found them above the washing machine in the cupboard with the rags. He says he probably put them with the rags because they are starting to look like rags. I told him he could go buy me some new ones anytime.
Go pull out your drawers and tell me what you find!


Kathy said...

What a treasure!

Becky said...

We don't have vertical drawers they are all horizontal. Like by each other, not above and below each other. AND they create saw dust that drops right on the objects below them in the cupboards. FAIL. That means I have to wash everything (ie: crockpot, cookie pans, etc) before I use it and then after I use it. And then again before I use it. Good side is our toast tastes like it was smoked. Ha ha ha! Just kidding but I'm sure there is saw dust along with lots of crumbs in the toaster. Anyway.

I'm glad you found your raggedy old dish clothes. ;-)

The Yuan Fam said...

If Mary Poppins had a 'nothingness' it would include all those things you listed!! As I read the list, I just kept hah-ing cuz you just never know right?! A mason jar?!!!!! So crazy!

Shauna said...

Okay I did it, I pulled out my drawers and here's what I found:

A permission slip? How in the world?
A dress up diamond ring.
Two straws.
Three hair ties.

This is it. How is it that the only things that make sense to have slipped through are the straws? Who is putting these things in the drawers. I don't know why I'm so surprised, since we have three babies. It's got to be them?.....I'm going to be watching for this is a little mystery...:)

You know I didn't stop there either Julie. I pulled out the oven and cleaned behind it, remember how I like to do that? Only found dust and grime though.

Alright you have done a very productive post here... :)

Shauna xoxoxoxxo

Sandy said...

it is always under the refrigerator that I find the most unusual things.

Sandy said...

it is always under the refrigerator that I find the most unusual things.