Friday, November 9, 2012


It's just too early for snow!


Becky said...

BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I agree!!!!!! (hasn't snowed here since the last time it snowed. ;-)

Shauna said...

Wow, amazing. It's really cold here today. It's 58 degrees. Are you laughing? I know, but you know what I mean because you a Californian too right? We were all bundled up today do our errands. 58 degrees is cold for us! But, I agree snow takes things to a whole new level I think. Bummer. It doesn't look like too much, maybe it will go and not come back for awhile? :)


The Yuan Fam said...

It's so pretty. Now that I don't live where it snows, I'm a little sad :-( I feel like I might get over it though.

Shauna said...

Hey you probably saw already, but I tagged you in my post today! Take care,


Looking forward to more of your posts.... :)