Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My list of books to read YEARLY

1. Harry Potter 1-7 - This is mostly a dream, because there is sooo much to read and so little time (still haven't been bitten by a vampire and made immortal). I read at least one of them a year, usually more. I would love to have the time to read them all each year and then maybe I could get my color-coded-cross-referencing project started.

2. Pride and Prejudice - I have only read this twice, but I would love to be able to read this every year.

3. Life of Pi - I freaking LOVE this book. I HAVE read it every year since I got it.

4. The Red Tent - I have read this several times, but not every year. But I would like to.

5. Jane Eyre - I could read this again an again, and yet I haven't read it yearly... I don't own it yet.

6. Hatchet

7. Wednesday Wars

So there is the list - so far. As you can see I don't read them all every year but I guess the point of the list is that these are books I could read over and over.


The Hungry said...

Thank you, thank you!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I concur! I love the Life of Pi and I've read it about 5 times since I got it. I've also read Pride & Prejudice about 10 times...not to mention Persuasion and Sense & Sesibility. But I've already told you what an Austen freak I am.

I like Jane Eyre also and her triumph over her "poor" beginning, but sometimes that one is hard for me to read.

I really like Wednesday Wars, I don't know if I would read it yearly though. Although there are quite a few parallels from the Vietnam Era to what's happening with Iraq & Afghanistan. I love how Holling and his teacher kind of bond over Shakespeare.

Good choices! I give my blessing, not that you need my blessing or anything. Wish we lived closer to each other. I would have a ball discussing books with you.

Anonymous said...