Monday, January 10, 2011

Pig Tails!

So, I was playing with my doll the other day and I thought, "Hey, this doll came with a lot of hair. We should try pig tails!"
My Lola doll likes to dress up. Here she is trying to look like a Troll doll and doing a mighty fine job of it.
Here she is with her brother trying to look like a rock star.
And once in a while she dresses up like she's happy.

Okay, okay. She's a happy doll more often than not. But you wouldn't know it from the pictures posted on this blog.
Here's my doll just lookin' cute.
And sleeping next to her twin.
My doll likes her bath most of the time. Right after this bath I brushed her hair for the first time. She really liked that. Then I got a great idea. A barrette... Which I dug into her head as I tried to snap it shut. Poor little trusting dolly didn't like that at all.
Stupid, cute barrette.
It totally matched her JLo outfit.
And sometimes my doll likes to dress up like an old man.
And she has dramatic poses. From this angle she reminds me of her dad.
From this angle she reminds me of her Grandpa Alger.


Becky said...

Totally! So cute!!!

Whitney said...

she looks so grown up and different than your new born doll! AW!

Jeanna said...

Totally loving your doll!!

Lilianne said...

She is a mini-Matt. And I can't believe she's a month! And I love the hair. Darn barrettes. They are lovely, but such a pain, too! She's so cute, Julie. Congratulations on making such a beautiful little bun!

Studyvin Says said...

She does look like Matt and grandpa Alger and she is definitely a DOLL--so glad for you!

Jules said...

That outfit looks strangely familiar. Cute post and even cuter Dolly. Congrats!