Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with the Johnsons

We spent Christmas Eve with the Johnson side of the family. We ate yummy appetizer types of food, read the Christmas Story from the scriptures, and sang hymns and carols. Good times, great memories.

Sammy and Lola in their Christmas Eve Jammies. ( Both are faking sleep.)
Christmas Eve Anger.
Christmas Eve Bonding.
The Anger returns.

Baby Hyde.
Christmas Eve Kisses.
Baby Jekyll.

The Haul.
The favorite - Bey Blades. Basically two tops that "fight" in a bowl - I mean battle stadium.
Christmas Brunch at Grandma and Grandpa Alger's house.
Lola and her "favorite" aunt. The Monchichi and her first-cousin-once-removed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Johnsons!


Jeanna said...

Hey, who took that last photo? What a great shot!

Loving the running baby Jekyll/ it when she's Hyde that I'M her favorite aunt....or when she's Jekyll?

Let her "favorite" aunt, as declared in this post, know that them's is fightin' words!

Jeanna said...

I just re-read this post and that "anger returns" picture had me laughing all over again. Love it.

Madison said...

I love the Anger returns photo!!!! Sam and Lola are just too cute! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Katie and Josh Fairbanks said...

Can I just tell you how much I love reading your post. You are hilarious! At first i didn't get the baby hyde part, but then I saw the baby Jekyle and busted up. Poor little angry baby, she is lucky that she is so cute!

Whitney said...

Love the angry pictures!!! oh! and the Christmas jammies