Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We laugh so hard together.

Last night, my husby was looking at the blog, Farmer Freitas' Wife. We have a cute niece and he was scrolling through older posts and looking at her cute little face. I was sitting next to him and looking too. She is SOOOO, SOOOO cute.
Anyway, back in December, my sister posted of video of Peter, Paul and Mary's Marvelous Toy. Here it is:

So when I saw it as he scrolled past, I told him to watch it and to tell me what the singers reminded him of. He watched the whole thing in silence with an expression of pure concentration on his face. I kept asking him what they reminded him of but he wouldn't answer. I told him that we had a record of this song when I was young.
I asked him again just before the song ended and he said, "I don't know." I told him that they remind me of Muppets. He watched them trying to see what I saw. When the song ended he said, "That song confused me. Do we ever find out what the toy was?" I stared at him, hoping he was making a joke. He just waited for me to answer. I quoted the song, "I NEVER knew just what it was, and I guess I NEVER will." Then we both burst out in laughter. We laughed for a good two minutes. We couldn't stop. I went into my grandpa wheeze style laugh.
Then I said, "At five years old I figured out that we would NEVER know what it was."
He said,"Sorry, I didn't listen to hippie music as a kid. I'm not used to the mysterious style of Peter, Bob and Billy."
"You mean Peter, Paul and Mary... All apostles." I said starting to laugh hysterically again.
"Apostles?... Mary?..."
"Didn't you read Da Vinci Code?"
Fifteen more minutes of laughing... Maybe you had to be there?


Jeanna said...

While I didn't laugh for 15 minutes, I still laughed as that was pretty darn funny. :)

I love laughing, gut laughing, with my honey.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Ditto to Jeanna on the laughing with your honey part.

I love Peter, Paul and Mary!

The Wells said...

That song was on a Christmas Album. I think we got that the same year I asked for Michael Jackson Thriller on Casset Tape but got it on a record. My kids don't even know what a casset tape is let alone a record.

You both are funny! And I totally see the muppets. Dr. Teeth and the blonde. I can't remember her name. The other guy looks like Scooter - the stage manager.

Becky said...

SO! Funny! You guys!

And I Love the weeze laugh...especially when you bust it out and then Matt mimicks you! So funny!

The Hungry said...

Very funny - so no, I didn't have to be there but I wish I had!

Anonymous said...