Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Life In a Curtain Bag

My mom got some new curtains. They are blue, and they look good.
For Christmas, my mom gave each of her offspring a pink binder. Her picture is on the cover and the pages inside are all about her. Her memories. And pictures. So far, she has given us her memories from birth to age 12.
Dear Mom,
You were a hilarious kid. I look forward to that pink binder being full.
Your Favorite Offspring

While she sorted her pictures she sorted them all by offspring. On Christmas afternoon she gave me a curtain bag full of pictures from my childhood and teenage years and some of Sam. Pictures I sent her from my time in New York. Pictures of my wedding day that I thought were lost forever.
My life in a curtain bag.

She gave one to my sister Liz too. Liz and I thought My Life In a Curtain Bag would be a fun new blog series. Stay tuned to see such post as "Oh, the Hair!" and "Too cool for school" and "What was I wearing?"


I turned up the heat and we are trying to stay warm with blankets. Emmy Lou thinks her brother looks like an angel in this cloud blanket.


KordelandHeather said...

The way I did the pictures is with a collage using Picasa program. It's wonderful and easy. I saw them on Heather Crawford's blogs and fell in love. I guess I could try posting each set of pics one at a time, but I still can't imagine I'll fill up a month, but hey, if that's how you want me a snippet at a time, I can do that for ya!

Jeanna said...

They both look like angels....so sweet!

I'm super looking forward to the "The Eighties: Lame!" Posts.

Becky said...

I excited for this series! I can't wait to get my life in a curtain bag...maybe my life will be in some thing equally glamorous like a ziploc freezer bag or a maybe a shoe box! I can't wait! Also, can't wait for that pink binder! I know mom was a hilarious mischievious kid...can't wait to read all about it.

They both look like angels...I'm with Jeanna.

The Hungry said...

I agree - two angels. I love your mom's idea. I'll say it again - what an awesome gift for all of you. I'm excited for your picture posts. I still need to post a picture of you Alger sisters in the back of Greg's truck. I told Liz I'd post it. I need to do that. maybe that can be my post for the day.

Anonymous said...