Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

For the last five or so years I have not made any resolutions. For years, since first grade when I learned of them, I had made goals and plans for the year ahead. But then, about five years ago, I realized that I was making goals and resolutions and then not taking them seriously or even thinking about them again beyond January. LAME! So I just stopped making them.

This year, however, we decided some things just have got to change. On Monday night we had a Family Home Evening all about evaluating our lives in different parts of our lives and making decisions to change. We made some individual and family resolutions. Some spiritual and some pysical. And some without category.

Our main objective with this lesson and application was to teach Sam that it is good to evaluate our lives every so often and make changes. Be pro active in becoming the kind of people we want to be rather than pigeon holing ourselves into one type and feeling stuck or incapable of change. Because along with that kind of attitude come guilt and none of us wants to live wallowing in guilt. So now we have the pressure of keeping these goals and accomplishing them in order to be good examples to our Sammy Poo.

Now I have a New Year's Challenge for all five of my readers. If there are more of you out there I don't know about you need to leave me a comment so I can know you are lurking and check out your blog. I want to challenge you to try posting everyday for one month this year. I would prefer it if you did it in January because I'd like you all to get into the habit of blogging more often as soon as possible. I will tell you, after my month of posting every day, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. And there are tricks. Some days I had huge brain storms and was able to come up with several ideas in one day. Rather than posting them all in one day, I would take the time to write them that day and then schedule them to post on different days. Andrea, my cousin, says this was cheating, but I disagree. I had a post for every day and I got on to read the comments and others blogs everyday, so I think this counts. In order to schedule something to post on a different day I write the post, then go into Post Options which is just above the Publish Post button, then I change the date to the day and time I want it to post and once I have done that it will show up on my Edit Posts Page as Scheduled. I like it. So join me, please!


Anonymous said...

I know we hardly know eachother, but I follow your blog through google reader. anyway, you can follow my blogs:

I do not accept your challenge, but I will commit more to my current personal challenge of putting weekly posts on both blogs.
keep up the blogging!
tony bradshaw

Jeanna said...

Julie, I'm thinking about the challenge, but cannot commit just yet.

But, I needed to get on here immediately and tell you something. Last night we broke out the cheeseball (I rolled it in pecans-YUM!), the jalapeno jelly and the crackers.

HOLY MOLEY CHICA! That was amazing. I sat there with H., Karen and Travis and we were all like, this tastes so AMAZING!

Seriously I was going to call you last night, track you down and tell you. But I held back, waited for the blog moment to lay it out there.

I will need more....soon! :) How can I arrange this?

Meg said...

I read - in case you didn't know :)

The Hungry said...

I'm so glad you posted today. I sat down to look at the blogs and the sad thought came to me that it's not Dec anymore - the posting everyday of Dec challenge was over and I worried that would be the end of my daily dose of fun.

I accept the challenge - for Jan. I've got the time, just not sure I have the fun ideas, nor interesting thoughts to share, but I'll do something.

And, pre writing is not cheating.

Loved your family night idea. What a great lesson.

Becky said...

Pre writing is totally not cheating! No no no way Jose!

I too am going to try to keep blogging super regularly...not everyday probably but, a lot!

That FHE sounds cool! Sammy is so lucky to have such great parents that give him that one on one attention he deserves for FHE.

I am SO SO SO excited that Kathy is going to post everyday!!!

Jessica said...

I read your blog. I love it. You inspire me. I am trying to blog more we will see how often that will be.

Sandy said...

I hate the name Sammy Poo, just like I hated my college name of Sandra Doo Doo

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I've really enjoyed your month of posting. I will take you up on your challenge, but I don't know definitely won't be January, but I'll let you know.

Keep em coming friend. It's been a lot of fun to be a fly on the wall of your life.

Anonymous said...