Thursday, September 3, 2009


One day I was out admiring the beautiful flowers.

I noticed some mouse poop on the side of my house. How did a mouse poop on the side of my house? I looked up, nothing. I looked down and noticed about 20 more similar poops caught in a spider web. Do we have flying mice?

Then I noticed that my iris leaves were looking pretty poor. Somethings been eating my iris leaves!
The poop and the chomp marks belong to a million bazillion grasshoppers that have invaded our neighborhood. They specifically like my yard. Sam has been given orders to catch as many of them as he can. He was up to 20 within an hour. One day he even had half the neighborhood on the job with him.

And today I found these beasties hiding out in one of our bushes. I wasn't brave enough to get a better picture. Some of their friends have taken up residence in our shed.
Where are those birds when I need them?


Jeanna said...

I hate beasties!!! Gotta get a spray for wasps, love the spray...long stream, dead in 2 seconds flat.

As for the grasshoppers, I wonder if they are going to start a major infestation, they've been so bad this year!

Becky said...

The grasshoppers here are SO bad!!!
And Spiders are nasty here too. Yuck yuck yuck! Pests make me shudder!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Where are the famed Utah Seagulls when you need them?

Anonymous said...